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Massive Invasion Of U.S.: Exclusive Footage Of Military Invasion On Southern Border

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Tuesday on the Stew Peters Show investigative reporter Ben Bergquam commented on exclusive footage, showing the rogue Mexican cartels parading military equipment and armed uniformed personnel along the lawless U.S. border.

“A Venezuelan man on our own terror watchlist just crossed the border, illegally, and got settled in Michigan,” Stew Peters said Tuesday. “It’s all a sick joke being played on anyone in this country who believes in following the law and putting Americans first.”

“This is a planned military invasion,” Ben Bergquam told Stew Peters. “The media loves to show the women and children … many of those children have been sold to create fake families.”

Stew was also joined by truck convoy organizer Patrick King to address the satanic attempts to erase him and hundreds of thousands of other freedom-loving drivers.

“This is what the Bolsheviks in Russia were like a hundred years ago,” Stew Peters said Tuesday. “This is the path they inevitably follow, defame, dispossess, dehumanize, and eventually, exterminate.”

“We’re not Nazis, we’re not fascists, we’re everyday, blue collar citizens who’ve just had enough,” Patrick King told Stew Peters.

Walter West, a veteran and former Sergeant at Arms for the Texas Republican Party, joined the show to address the Biden-sponsored sex trafficking being condoned and conducted, as more than 100,000 welfare spongers flood across the border a month.

“I swore an oath to this country like every other soldier, I did it when I was a police officer, I even did it when I was a firefighter,” West told Stew Peters. “Everybody who is under the protection of that constitution, that’s who your boss is, that is who you’re here to protect.”

“We have in large part, an entirely fake government,” Stew Peters told West on Tuesday. “They are not here to represent the people.”

And, DeAnna Lorraine shares the new Covid crazy out of Canada, as Quebec tries to force the purebloods to pair up with a vaccinated zombie in order to buy and sell.

“What’s happening now is really the utmost tyranny,” DeAnna told Stew. “It’s reminiscent of the Bible that says that you are not able to buy or sell things unless you have the mark of the beast, now, not to get all conspiracy theory on you – but conspiracy theories, at this point, are like spoiler alerts.”

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