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The Great Trucker Revolution of 2022 has laid siege to the Trudeau regime, and sent Fidel Castro’s illegitimate son into hiding.

Canada, like many countries around the globe, expected their citizens to shut up and submit when it came to Covid tyranny. But the vaccine mandates were a bridge too far for the heart and soul of our supply chain in North America, and now tens of thousands of truckers are occupying Ottawa, and have no plans to leave anytime soon. Regardless of the amount of Royal Mounties Justin Trudeau sends their way, and despite the threats of military intervention.

Two of the brave souls on the front lines of the protest, Bonnie and Ken Gilliard, joined the Stew Peters Show on Thursday, to share details of the Nazi-like harassment being endured by the truckers.

“They’re representing us, like the truckers and the protesters are like terrorists,” Bonnie Gilliard told Stew Peters. “There’s nothing like that here at all, in fact, it’s one of the most peaceful gatherings that we have ever seen – and so patriotic – we’ve never seen so many Canadian flags, and smiles, and people dancing in the streets.”

According to Gilliards, the truckers are a benefit to Ottawa, not a bane, and have stepped in to help clean up trash and shovel walkways after the city decided to shut down.

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“The city is not providing garbage cans, so the truckers are actually hanging up their own garbage bags, collecting the garbage,” Ken Gilliard told Stew Peters. “The city is not clearing the sidewalks, and some elderly people are having a struggle getting around, so all the truckers got out their shovels and they shoveled off the sidewalks themselves.”

Before introducing his guests, Stew shared a few clips from a chilling video showing Royal Canadian Mounted Police threatening the truckers with arrest and expulsion if they do not acquiesce, move their trucks, and surrender to the demands of Trudeau.

“This is absolutely the ushering-in of lawlessness,” Stew Peters told Ken and Bonnie. “Lawlessness – the absence of rule of law – is the number one pivotal ingredient in the recipe for totalitarianism; that’s exactly what they want here.”

“You are the symbolic, real presence that is saying no, we’re not going to accept this,” Stew told Ken and Bonnie as he empowered them with the prayers of the audience and the holy fire of the Lord.

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