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New NYC Mayor Caught On Camera Spewing Racist ‘Hate Speech,’ ‘Kicking Those Crackers’ Ass’ [VIDEOS]

NEW YORK, NY – Eric Adams, New York City’s new mayor, has already begun to disappoint voters as he maintains the radical policies of former Mayor de Blasio. While giving a speech on black businesses and entrepreneurship, he shared how he would deal with white people while working at the police department by using what many would consider racist terminology. On Gab, the video was taken down within 20 minutes because it was considered hate speech.

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“Every day in the police department, I kicked those crackers’ ass,” Adams said.

Throughout his campaign, Adams had portrayed himself as a leader that blue-collar workers could stand behind, but it appears that was just a disguise. Now that he won, it appears as though who he portrayed is a far cry from who he actually is.

Back in early January, shortly after taking office, Adams put down cooks, messengers, and Dunkin Donuts employees during a speaking engagement.

“Low-skill workers like cooks, messengers, and Dunkin’ Donuts employees don’t have the academic skills to sit in a corner office,” Adams said in January. “They need this. We are in this together, and we should be saying to ourselves, ‘If I remotely do my job, then that stock clerk is not going to be able to have the business he deserves.’ That’s what I need us to understand.”

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Adams did eventually apologize for his comments on a Twitter post.

Despite the apology, not everyone would let the newly elected mayor off that easily.

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