ONTARIO, CA – During a press briefing on February 2nd, the Ottawa Police chief suggested that the military may be needed to clear out the truckers protesting the COVID jab mandates, telling reporters, “There is likely no policing solution to this.”

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As day number five of peaceful demonstrations against the COVID jab mandates take place in Canada, Ottawa Chief of Police Peter Sloly revealed that there is a growing lack of confidence that the Ottawa Police force will be able to shut down the demonstration that is loathed by the Canadian government.

Chief Sloly stated that he was “not as confident as we have been that police alone will resolve this situation substantially, never mind in totality” and alluded initially to having to entertain “other” methods to disband the peaceful protesters.

“There is likely no policing solution to this, but in combination with other efforts, there may be other opportunity to substantially reduce if not end this demonstration. It is a local demonstration, provincial, national, and one with international elements associated to it.”

Considering the vague nature in Chief Sloly’s mentioning of there being an “other opportunity to substantially reduce if not end this demonstration,” reporters responded asking for the police chief to clarify what he meant – with him specifically being asked whether he meant a political solution or the “military.”

In response, Chief Sloly said, “I think you just listed off ‘most of them’ right there.”

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Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson painted the peaceful protesters in a rather disparaging light, accusing the group of not extending the “empathy” they so proclaim they are.

“This whole occupation can end tomorrow if they show some empathy as they say they are. People’s nerves are frayed, they haven’t been able to sleep for five nights in a row. People are being harassed on the streets. They’re being attacked in coffee shops. We saw someone wanted to bring a gun down to Parliament buildings.”

The statement made by Mayor Watson appears to reference a statement made by senior protest organizer Chris Barber, where Barber addressed those who’ve been feeling the “inconvenience” of their efforts but said this is an issue with the government – not the truckers.

“Our message to the citizens of Ottawa is one of empathy. We understand your frustration and genuinely wish there was another way for us to get our message across, but the responsibility for your inconvenience lies squarely on the shoulders of politicians who prefer to vilify and call us names rather than engage in respectful, serious dialogue.”

Diane Deans (public contact information), who serves as an Ottawa City Councillor for Ward 10, had referenced the GoFundMe account dedicated to helping the trucker convoy – saying she wants to take legal action against the crowdfunding platform for merely allowing the lawful protesters to raise funds, despite Deans’ efforts to claim they’re breaking the law by protesting.

“I want to ask the mayor if he will pick up the phone and call GoFundMe in the states directly and demand they cease and desist sending money to these unlawful protesters. And perhaps while he’s at it he can pick up the phone and ask the Prime Minister to do the same.

We had some conversations about perhaps suing GoFundMe, but legal action takes time. And this is urgent, we need to cut off the pipeline of funding to these people that are unlawfully – mercenaries, if you would – that are unlawfully protesting and occupying our communities.”

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