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Ottawa Police Turn Against Citizenry, Beat Protesters, Breaking Into Vehicles Under Trudeau Regime [VIDEOS]

Announcing the “Emergencies Act” that hasn’t been used in nearly 50 years, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, promised in a meeting with the liberal caucus that the military would not be deployed to disband the Freedom Convoy protests. While the “Emergencies Act” gives more power to the government, allowing them to freeze bank accounts, it also grants law enforcement to use whatever means necessary to deal with the protesters. On Friday, that power was on full display as Ottawa police, fashioned in riot gear and wearing black masks to hide their identities, descended on the protesters, showing little restraint.

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In the video, which can be viewed below, the police officers are shown pushing back against the protesters. For one man, who didn’t get out of the way quick enough, an officer grabbed him and started kneeing the protester until he collapsed on the ground.

Sadly, that wasn’t the only display of the power the government is now showing against its own citizens. From another angle of the protest and law enforcement clashing, officers can be seen huddled around a person. What is startling is the fact that one officer repeatedly hit the person with their rifle.

Take a look.

And in the push to silence members of the Freedom Convoy, the police didn’t just target protesters, but even resorted to attacking vehicles of the movement as well. Caught on camera, the officers, again in riot gear, break into an RV that supposedly belonged to one of the protesters.

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According to the Ottawa police, so far there have been at least 21 arrests as they claimed to have cleared Nicholas Street. On top of the protesters being arrested for standing against the COVID-19 agenda, 21 vehicles were also impounded by law enforcement.

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