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Proof: Major Damage To Kids: Intentional Physical And Psychological Destruction

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Parents have been waging an uphill battle with petty tyrants on school boards for the last two years. The conflict has been over the righteous cause of removing face masks from children who are being slowly suffocated by them.

On Monday, Dr. Jane Ruby [3] joined the Stew Peters Show to share proof that the masks aren’t just stupid, but dangerous.

“Brown looked at a thousand children – I mean that’s not a small number of children,” Dr. Ruby explained to Stew Peters on Monday. “They found that there was a 23% drop – Stew that’s a quarter of your loss of cognition – a 23% drop in scores measuring kid’s intelligence quotients from the beginning of the pandemic.”

“When slaves were brought to this country they were masked,” Stew Peters told Dr. Ruby. “When they were delivered to their new slave owners, these black slaves were wearing masks. Why do these school boards and superintendents at school districts, hate black people and love slavery, and Stacey Abrams; why is she endorsing this or not lashing out completely saying that this is absolutely disgusting? Why; because she’s a Communist tyrant.”

“I think America’s children are realizing that it’s Communism for thee not me,” Dr. Ruby told Stew. “When they’re looking at their Marxist leaders in their state.”

“If your superintendents or purple-haired Antifa crackpot, woke school board members, these petty tyrants and Marxist Communists, don’t have the common sense in them,” Stew Peters said to Dr. Ruby. “Then you need to demand that they take these off. You, as parents in your school district, should just say ‘no, my child is not wearing them’ and you should all ban together and say ‘this should be optional’.”

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