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Thursday on the Stew Peters Show, full-scale war has been declared by Putin, and military strikes are being carried out all over Ukraine. That’s what you will see if you tune into the Fox News channel. Neocons are demanding blood, pundits are encouraging extremely aggressive sanctions, and establishment fossils and uni-party globalists desperately want to send your kids to go die in the name of aiding the corrupt Ukrainians and protecting their borders. Stew was joined by Bible scholar Jarrin Jackson who has been dissecting this situation since the first explosion in Kiev.

“I’m a guy that just goes back to 1st Principles instead of 1st projections,” Jarrin told Stew, “and by that I mean, it’s just real simple – from a political perspective, any American military involvement should be engaged and initiated by the Constitution, Article 1 Section 8 Clause 11, Congress has the power to declare war. We haven’t declared war in this country since 1942; so everything since then has been a political, phycological, type of shaping operation.”

What are the long term impacts of this invasion, and will Biden’s response only further choke the Global Supply Chain, and the U.S. economy? Stew Peters Show investigative journalist Edward Szall joins Stew to detail the aftermath of Putin’s conquering of Ukraine.

“What’s important to look at here is that it was a very strategic, a very quick, and a very effective strike,” Edward Szall told Stew. “Americans, especially those who are obliviating on Fox News, Stew, will try to say sell this idea that this is anything that the U.S. could do sort of, and lets say a very dangerous chemical false flag or something along the lines of what we pulled off in the past, especially in Belarus or even in Syria – but to be honest with you, the time to intervene if they were going to intervene, was last week.”

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GunsAmerica CEO Paul Helinski also joined Stew to detail the importance of the Russian ban on exports of nitrogen fertilizer until next June. If the world hits them with heavier sanctions, they could easily retaliate by cutting those exports off for even longer. China has also banned phosphate exports until June. They’re absolutely critical for modern agricultural production, and Paul explains what you can do to prepare.

“They pay them not to plant their crops!” Helinski told Stew. “The videos are all over Bitchute, all over Rumble, of farmers saying, ‘this is the paperwork that I got from the government, saying I am not allowed to plant this and this and this and this, here’s the map. And if I don’t mow these soybeans down with my mower, or I plant them, I will lose all of my subsidies.’ And they need that money to survive!”

Leigh Dundas’ friend Mikki Klann has been encouraging parents to stand up and fight for their kids against the continued torture and abuse of long-term masking forced upon them by demonically-inspired petty tyrants. Mikki joined Stew to share a new strategy involving bonds, which has already resulted in five states being forced to back down on mask mandates. Read more on this through her website:

“Each of these public elected officials carry a bond, which means they’re personally liable because they watch over we the people,” Klann told Stew, “We’ve given them a tremendous amount of responsibility with our children. So, what we’ve is we’ve seen parents step up in front of their school boards, declaring and decreeing that ‘I will file a claim against your surety bond, if you do not stop these mask mandates, and stop this agenda of vaccines’.”

Tristan Sartor, founder of the Order of Social Antiquity, also joined Stew to share his mission to revive the superior traditions and practices of the past, centralized on real Christianity and family.

“I think a lot of guys are trapped – like you talked about earlier – in this perpetual childhood,” Sartor told Stew, “It’s done with a very clear purpose, like you said by the cabal to disarm young men and keep them at a very complacent, easy-going state, make them very agreeable – as long as they have a product to consume, that’s what they center their lives around.”

All of that and more, on Thursday’s edition of the Stew Peters show.

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