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Tragic: Pfizer Vaxx Permanently Disables 6 Year Old Leaving Him On 24/7 Ventilator

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Carrie Peterson-Edberg’s 6-year-old son Milo has received a tracheotomy and continuous ventilation due to the Pfizer shot.

Due to Milo’s medical complexity and some complications, doctors felt it necessary to pressure Carrie into consenting that Milo be given the shot.

Shortly after, he had trouble breathing which escalated quickly into life support and extensive testing. Now, 6-year-old Milo has to re-learn how to walk and eat.

Carrie Peterson-Edberg joined the Stew Peters Show Wednesday to share about Milo, the doctor’s refusal to acknowledge the dangers of the jab, and her concerns for children facing vaccination mandates.

“I was more concerned with him getting the Flu versus Covid because the number of children getting COVID is not very high at all,” Carrie told Stew. “But, when we were in the hospital, the doctor talked me into it and said ‘we’re already here so if there’s any complications, we’re in the hospital, this is the best place to get it so I went against my feelings and agreed to have it and the next day I was calling 911 because he wasn’t able to breathe on his own.”

Although he is a 23-week preemie with medical complications and complexities, Carrie explained that Milo has been healthy for the past two years. When Milo received the jab, Carrie recalled medical records documenting myocarditis, and with her own eyes, she saw Milo’s entire body swell.

Though Milo has his medical challenges, nothing caused havoc in his body like the bioweapon shot.

“These people know exactly what they were doing, and it pisses me off that the evil here is just being shoved under the rug,” Stew told Carrie. “And now people like Milo and people like the 16-year-old Ramirez, baseball phenom who’s now dead in a grave because of these people, and I think that they all need to be tried, indicted and tried, and fried and executed in front of the entire world for everybody to see – and that’s not hyperbolic, they’re killing our kids, and they’re doing it on purpose.”

If you’d like to support Milo and his family, please consider giving through this link: https://givesendgo.com/Miloedberg [3]

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