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Trudeau Can’t Take The Heat, Walks Out On Parliament And Gets Booed Viciously For Refusing To Listen [VIDEOS]

Although Canada’s Prime Minister might be able to run and hide from the thousands of protestors who descended on Ottawa, Justin Trudeau is finding it incredibly hard to do the same when it comes to the House of Commons. While citizens aren’t able to question the Prime Minister directly, conservatives, and the opposition within the House of Commons ripped into the COVID-19 hysteria presented by Trudeau and asked him to do nothing more than listen- not only to different opinions, but also to the Canadian people. 

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In the video, which is featured below, conservative John Barlow lashed out at Trudeau for not acting like a Prime Minister and pushing forward with outrageous COVID-19 mandates although the people have opposed such a move. 

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What makes the altercation between Barlow and Trudeau so interesting is the fact that before the conservative could finish his point, after the Minister of Public Safety, Marco Mendicino, spoke, PM Trudeau excused himself from the debate. Barlow, basically proving his point that the Prime Minister is not open to discussing COVID-19 protocols, took a seat as the room erupted.  

The sudden walkout from the Prime Minister comes as he has been constantly criticized in the House of Commons for not ending the mandates and allowing science to dictate how the country reacts to the coronavirus.

Take a look. 

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