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U.S. Media Attacking Truckers: Canadian Freedom Convoy Framed As “Violent Racists”

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The Satanic elite want the peasants to wear masks every day and sit quietly home as they conquer our lives and steal the minds of our children.

The trucker revolution in Canada, which is the largest convoy in recorded history, has shown the ruling elite that the frustrations are real, and the rejection of Covid tyranny has teeth. This is why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has fled the capital.

The elite and their leftwing lapdogs in the media have attempted to dismiss the freedom convoy as fascist and racist, and they have even tried to dehumanize the heroes braving freezing weather to field opposition to the Great Reset.

On Tuesday, truck convoy organizer Patrick King joined Stew to address the satanic attempts to erase the and hundreds of thousands of other freedom loving drivers.

“This is what the Bolsheviks in Russia were like a hundred years ago,” Stew Peters said Tuesday. “This is the path they inevitably follow, defame, dispossess, dehumanize, and eventually, exterminate.”

“We’re not Nazis, we’re not fascists, we’re everyday, blue collar citizens who’ve just had enough,” Patrick King told Stew Peters.

“Were trying to prove that these mandates are not fitting for today’s society,” Patrick King told Stew Peters. “This is what we fought in our wars to eliminate, the segregation, the isolation of certain demographics of people.”

“You’re there for the long haul,” Stew told Patrick King. “Do not let this guy, Trudeau, or anybody off the hook, that wants to kill our kids.”

“What you’re doing is heroic, and I commend you 100%, you have the full backing of this show,” Stew told Patrick in support of their stand for freedom lovers everywhere.

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