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Vaxx Injured Athlete Speaks Out: Triathlete’s Life Destroyed By Covid Bioweapon Jab

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The death shot has crippled Suzanna Newell, a previously avid triathlon runner, and competitive endurance biker. Doctors have diagnosed her with an autoimmune disease and small-fiber polyneuropathy, which includes symptoms of imbalance, joint pains and tinnitus, and the constant sensation of pins-and-needles on her skin.

Newell has refused to let this affliction stop her and has dedicated her time to the small non-profit called React-19, which supports research into COVID-19 vaccination injuries.

On Thursday, Newell joined the Stew Peters Show to discuss her reaction to the jab, concerns for others facing the vaccine mandates, and React-19.

“It is super concerning, and I think it’s about the money,” Newell told Stew Peters. “I used to follow the narrative and now I know – and you have to dive so deep to get to the truth, and I hope that other people like me sort of take a pause and recognize that you need to diver deeper than regular CNN, regular New York Times, whatever it is – come and find the Stew Peters Show!”

“Today it seems that there are no more your mom and dad’s democrats – there’s no more sane democrats,” Stew told Newell. “These people have hijacked the Democratic Party – in name – and what they really are is Communist tyrants, they’re dictators, they’re petty tyrants who want to crush humanity, the humanity that you have the faith in, is not humanity because these are the people who are rolling these things out and hiding them.”

Newell also shared with Stew that she is very much purple – neither red nor blue politically, but respectively in between. She expressed though that she believes there are good individuals on both sides, but she feels betrayed by democratic representatives for failing America. She now calls for accountability and support as she continues to advocate for individuals harmed by the bioweapon clot shot.

Visit React19.org [3] and support the movement which is continuing the important research into COVID-19 vaccine injuries.

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