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A News Anchor Tells the Real COVID Story Without Saying a Word [VIDEO]

The answer is “no.”

Beverly Turner: This comes as two new Coronavirus sub-variants are currently sweeping the globe.

Co-Anchor: So, should we be worried about these variants?

Beverly Turner: (Silently mouths ‘No’ and shakes her head)

Here’s what people are saying about this revealing video…

“The variants are Fauci, CDC, Pfizer, J&J, and Moderna!”

“Well done, BEVERLY. BRAVE GIRL. More lies from the media and deep state. Keep all the unwoke in a state of fear.”

“She was excellent. She is excellent on this topic and is heavily involved in trying to expose the nonsense. I emailed the show as soon as I saw it live. Unfortunately, they didn’t read out my love of the segment.”

“Should we be worried? She mouthes, “no.” According to the study, “Public health officials described experiencing structural and political undermining of their professional duties, marginalization of their expertise, social villainization, and disillusionment.” Imagine. The public health establishment foisted anti-scientific voodoo on the public, destroying people’s mental health, interfering with crucial medical procedures, wrecking people’s livelihoods, decimating their savings, pitting families against each other, marginalizing dissidents (who far more often than not turned out to be right), and of course completely devastating the developing world, which genuinely could not afford any of this nonsense. The public didn’t respond with unanimous huzzahs. How about that! For the public health establishment, justly disgraced, to try to portray itself as the victim is really the icing on the cake of what they’ve done for the past two years. We need more, not less, questioning of authority. Unfortunately, that’s not what kids are being taught to do in the government’s schools.”

“New covid variants? Bloody hell Putin must have signed a peace agreement next Thursday!”

“Beverly Turner has been shouted down and vilified by the leftwing media and establishment accused of conspiracy theories and was attacked live on air on the slimy leftists show Jeremy vine, and all she was saying was the truth Beverly is bang on with her facts she’s brilliant.”

“oh nooooo, more than ONE variants at the same time oh my 😂😆😂 whose writing the scripts!?! lemme guess…they Already have names, right? just like all the others BuWahahaha.”