Maria Bartiromo has been one of a handful of truth-tellers still on the air in mainstream media. On her show today, Sunday Morning Futures on Fox News, she kept the truth train rolling. Her guest, political consultant Peter Schweizer, exposed the real reason you should care about the ‘Laptop From Hell,’ and it isn’t just the disgusting behavior displayed by Hunter Biden.

Watch the segment here:

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Here’s what they said during the segment:

Maria Bartiromo: “There are many questions about President Biden’s decision making on foreign policy, from Afghanistan to the response to the Ukrainians who are in dire desperate need of help. Is anything that you have learned as a result of that laptop, pointing you toward believing that this President is compromised on his decision making because of the money he has taken in?”

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Peter Schweizer: “Yes, absolutely. Maria. There’s a couple of things that people have to keep in mind. The first is if you look at the three big flashpoints in American foreign policy today, Ukraine, Russia, and China, the Biden family has received funds, millions of dollars, in some cases, 10s of millions of dollars from powerful individuals connected to the government in each of those countries. That’s the first factor. The second factor is this is not just a Hunter Biden story. The New York Times tries to paint it that way. The headline is even Hunter Biden pays his back taxes but broad investigation continues. But you’re right. They admit that the laptop is real. And what the laptop reveals Maria is that Hunter Biden received these funds, but the President of the United States, Joe Biden was a recipient and a beneficiary of those funds. Hunter Biden and Joe Biden had intermingled finances, Hunter Biden was paying monthly bills he was paying for repairs on his home. So this is a story that goes straight to the President. And each of these countries, particularly China has a policy of using commercial ties, financial ties as leverage over foreign elites and they clearly have that in this case with Joe Biden.”

Joe Biden seems to be bought and paid for by the same countries we are having the most issues with… what could go wrong?

Internet users had this to say in the comments:

“he is no doubt compromised. No Doubt!”

“the sentence for treason is DEATH”

“I would be shocked if I didn’t already know about the Clintons, pelosi family. Kerry family, Podesta family, McConnell family, Romney family, etc., etc…..”

“and!?!? remove from wh!?! impeach STAT”

“We know he is corrupt and bought and paid for, but we also know nothing will ever happen. America is lost.”

“all because of mean tweets. Great.”

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