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“If you want to make a society volatile, not just angry and divided, which is where we are now, but revolutionary and explosive, then you threaten the food supply. More governments have fallen to rising food prices than any other cause by far.”

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“Impressive reporting by Tucker Carlson. News should be for the people and not biased towards the government. Sad to see America led to poverty by clueless, corrupt leadership.”

“Hungry people are dangerous” I worked fast food for 7 years, trust me, that’s an understatement.”
“My wife runs a chain of restaurants, and I don’t think most American realize how slim the profit margins are on restaurant food. Their only option is to raise prices and pass it on to the customer, otherwise, they go broke just trying to run a business. So next time you take your family out to your favorite sit-down restaurant, see the menu prices, and then suddenly decide on plan B for dinner, don’t blame the restaurant, because truly they’re simply trying to make a living and keep a business afloat. You can thank Brandon for not being able to reward your family with an occasional dinner out of the house.”
“Our society is in decline and trending towards collapsing. Tucker can see this. God bless Tucker and God bless Fox for letting Tucker speak.”
“My wife and I are continuously remarking to one another anymore, “You know how much “blank” is now?” or “Have you seen the price of “X”?” or “Guess we’re not buying that anymore.” And on and on the euphemisms go. And the saddest and hardest part to swallow in all of this is ~ We voted for Trump because we knew without a doubt who Team Biden was. This is Insanity… Our poor (literally) kids… And their future. We just taxed them out of an America we were blessed to have grown up in.”
“It’s amazing how quickly Congress was able to shore 13 billion dollars to aid Ukraine’s corrupt government, meanwhile it takes months and even years sometimes changes of administration to accomplish something that actually benefits hardworking and Taxpaying American people.”
“Dollar tree just increased the price from $1.00 to $1.25. It doesn’t sound like a big deal because it is still $1.25 and that’s cheap, but when you realized it is a 25% increase on just about everything in the store and their target market is poor people. 25% increase in prices targeting poor people.”

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