According to the CDC, the first case of COVID-19 in the United States was confirmed by samples taken on January 18, 2020. Since then, not only Americans, but citizens all around the world have been considered guinea pigs for numerous mandates, protocols, and lockdowns designed to stop COVID-19. When that didn’t work, the government turned to the miracle capabilities of pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Moderna. What followed would be a drug that did little to stop the virus, but was still promoted by the Biden administration, approved by the FDA, and given to over 250 million Americans. And although the drug has yet to show positive results, Pfizer is now asking for a 4th jab to be considered “fully vaccinated.” 

Weighing in on agencies like the CDC and FDA, that were designed to protect the public, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. detailed how they are no longer focused on protection but more on “pharmaceutical profit promotion.” Appearing on “The Megyn Kelly Show,” RFK Jr. stated, “This is the same FDA and the same companies that are now killing 56,000 kids a year with opioids, [which is] more kids every year than were killed in the 20-year Vietnam War.”

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It wasn’t just pharmaceutical companies to blame as RFK Jr. also detailed the increase of vaccines given to children opposed to when he was a child. And the person behind this push was none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has also tackled the COVID-19 pandemic. RFK Jr. added that the vaccines might promise to protect kids from getting sick, but it is causing a country of chronic disease. “Why aren’t we seeing sick kids? We are! When Tony Fauci came into office, 6% of American children had chronic disease. By 2006, 54%.”    

Robert Kennedy Jr: Fauci Has Led America to Be a Country of Chronic Disease [VIDEO]

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