While the Biden administration might currently have their hands full with Russia, Ukraine, and the upcoming midterm elections, they apparently still haven’t forgotten about the COVID-19 pandemic. Just this week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi advised the President to push for more funds when it came to COVID-19, testing, drugs, and therapeutics. Although Biden asked Congress for $22.5 billion, Pelosi believed the numbers should be in the range of $40 billion. Americans might be moving past the pandemic, but according to Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko, people like Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and even billionaire Bill Gates have used the virus to spread their own hatred over humanity.

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Speaking on The Glazov Gang, Dr. Zelenko stated, “Bill Gates that’s a special level of sociopath. You know, I have a joke. The whole world is suffering. Because Bill Gates couldn’t find a girlfriend in high school. His hatred for humanity is of historic scale. And his narcissistic inadequacies have created a will to destroy… You know, it’s interesting, The guy who made computer viruses and then sold the software to clean, cure the viruses is now involved in global virology. Yeah. It’s a pattern of sociopathic behavior.”

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As mentioned above, Dr. Zelenko, who is a renowned physician and was once a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, not only discussed Gates, but he dissected both President Biden and Dr. Fauci as well. In the video below, the doctor described them as nothing more than puppets to death and carnage. 

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Biden, Gates, Fauci – Dr. Zelenko Takes Off the Filter Describing These Men [VIDEO]

Not just ranting about the current administration and key figures behind COVID-19, Dr. Zelenko was a speaker in a 10-part series conducted by The Glazov Gang on “The Hidden Agenda Behind the 2020 Pandemic.” The entire interview with the doctor can be watched below. 

Crimes Against Humanity & The Deep State Globalist Agenda – Dr. Zelenko Joins The Glazov Gang [VIDEO]

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