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BREAKING: Pfizer Hit List: Dr. Zev Zelenko Exposes Big Pharma’s Plan To Eliminate Opposition

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Tucson, Arizona is holding a special election in May. The city government has announced that anybody wanting to serve as an election worker will have to present proof of vaccination. Thankfully, this special election isn’t too important. It’s just a vote on whether to extend their current sales tax level.

You know exactly why they are doing this. It’s the exact same agenda behind Biden’s vaccine mandate for the military and the federal government. If Biden simply said that all Christians or conservatives were banned from the military, he’d probably be stopped. But if he simply kicks out everyone who doesn’t get the vaccine, he can do basically the same thing.

Kick all the unvaccinated out of the military, and you’ve basically created a new military, entirely staffed by people who will do whatever Biden orders them to do. Kick every unvaccinated person out of the government, and the entire government will be ideologically part of a left-wing dictatorship.

This is the strategy all over the country. It’s why there’s vax mandates in public schools, state governments, city governments, tech companies, and more.

That’s what this vaccine push has become. It’s not about public health. This is a purge, no different from the ones conducted a century ago by Joseph Stalin to remove his enemies. It’s a push for total control of American life, in the guise of public health.

Actually, it’s not just American life. This is a push for world domination. Last month, around the same time Justin Trudeau was crushing the trucker convoy by force, a judge in New Brunswick, Canada took away a father’s three children because the father isn’t vaccinated.

In Illinois last August, a judge denied a mother the right to even see her son because she wouldn’t get the vaccine – a vaccine, remember, that doesn’t stop the virus from spreading, and doesn’t matter for children because they’re basically immune to Covid anyway. Again, none of this is about health. It’s about power, control, domination. They’re constantly looking for ways they can extend this power trip. It started with mandating the vax for adults. Then they started ordering boosters, and you need these boosters every few months, much more often than any vaccine every created in human history before now. Then they moved on to injecting teens, then grade-schoolers, and finally infants. They’re already talking about vaccinating pets and wild animals. They’re developing patents to stick the vaccine in food so you can’t ever escape it.

So, if these people are capable of taking your children away in order to get their way, is there anything they’re incapable of?

Doctor Zev Zelenko is asking himself that right now. Dr. Zelenko has appeared on this program many times. He developed his own treatment protocol for handling Covid in the first days of the pandemic, a protocol he says had a perfect success rate, without requiring any kidney-destroying drugs or any experimental vaccines.

And Dr. Zelenko thinks that might put him at risk. He says he’s been receiving warnings that big pharma might have him and other dissenting doctors murdered by professional assassins.

Dr. Zelenko joins us to explain where that comes from.

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