In what could arguably be one of the most stupid aspects of hashtag activism to crop up online in light of the Russia/Ukraine conflict, there are now calls for people to boycott McDonald’s.

The reason? Because they have McDonald’s locations in Russia.

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Apparently one’s hankering for a quarter pounder must be ignored in these times of conflict between Russia and Ukraine, lest you want to dare support a company serving up burgers and fries to the general Russian population.

This “#BoycottMcDonalds” that has cropped up on Twitter recently appears to stem from a Reuters article where it was noted that New York state’s pension fund chief urged the likes of McDonald’s and Pepsi (among a few other major global brands) to cease operations in Russia.

New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli sent letters to a myriad of companies who have a presence in Russia explaining that if they stopped offering their products/services to the Russian population then they’d be playing an “important role in condemning Russia’s” actions in Ukraine.

And it’s not just people mad about McDonald’s hamburgers or some Pepsi being served or sold in Russia – you’ve got folks also screaming online about Coke products and Burger King being available in Russia.

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The utter ridiculousness – and double standards being brought out by leftists cheering this nonsense on is remarkable.

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McDonald’s burgers and fries aren’t funding military actions taken by the Russian government, some random person getting a Coke or a Pepsi in Moscow isn’t funding military strikes.

Furthermore, leftists are now seemingly okay with not only gleefully condemning all Russians but also wanting them to suffer tangible harm. Ironic coming from the same group of leftists responsible for coining terms like “Islamophobic” or who get mad at terms like “China virus.”

Nowadays these leftists are applauding the idea of enacting harm on an entire population because they’re being emotionally manipulated into thinking that if any single Russian has access to any sense of normalcy then they’re somehow okay with what is occurring in Ukraine.

What’s next? Boycott Pampers because they sell diapers in Russia? Boycott pharmaceutical companies because Russians have access to medicine? Where does it end?

Also, let’s not forget that Antifa and leftists just loved wearing/promoting the hammer and sickle during their summer of love in 2020. Although I’m sure they’ve now replaced those hammer and sickle insignias with Ukraine flag emojis on social media.

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