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CDC Turns Blind Eye As Kids Develop Heart Conditions, Millennial All-Cause Mortality Skyrockets [VIDEOS]

For over two years, Americans have witnessed the effects of COVID-19 versus the results of numerous mandates and protocols. The regulations put in place to supposedly keep citizens safe apparently did little to stop COVID-19. On top of that, the miracle jab created by Pfizer also showed to have little effect on the coronavirus. But again, it was promoted and pushed by the Biden administration. Still, deemed a threat to humanity, Del Bigtree, host of The Highwire, recently detailed how government agencies like the CDC aren’t keeping track of data when it comes to COVID-19 and children. 

In the video below, Bigtree admitted that his team has requested the CDC give them information of how many children have died from COVID-19. Shocking, the CDC said it didn’t keep that type of information.

Take a look. 

Although the CDC might not be keeping track, in Israel [1], Bigtree said, “When we looked at the [data] coming out of Israel [1], where they vaccinated their children, what they discovered was in boys, you were three to six times more likely to end up in a hospital from myocarditis after the vaccine than you were to end up in a hospital after getting COVID.”

Bigtree isn’t the only one speaking out against the CDC and COVID-19 drug as Dr. Jessica Rose detailed how there is an 84% rise in mortality among millennials. Wanting to know why and get some answers, the doctor has repeatedly been left in the dark. Dr. Rose added to the information linking VAERS and the COVID-19 jab to the rise, “It’s not proof, but it’s more evidence that these injections are playing their role.” 

The Death of Millennials—84% Rise in All-Cause Mortality—VAERS Correlation [VIDEO] [2]