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In the past two weeks Ukraine and Russia have completely taken over the world’s attention. But there’s a much more important attack on freedom happening right now, much closer to home. It’s happening in Canada of course. You didn’t think that went away, did you? Of course not. The Justin Trudeau/Castro regime just outlasted the public’s attention span. But they’re still as dictatorial as ever. They crushed the trucker convoy. Trudeau has still given himself the power to seize people’s bank accounts. He’s still unleashed the banks to target his political enemies. And yes, they still have vaccine mandates in place.

Republicans pretended to care about this country for a few minutes, to fundraise and get attention on Twitter, and now they’ve moved on. Now, they’re posturing about Ukraine and Russia. That’s the hot new thing. It’s sexier. They can play at being tough while risking a nuclear war.

If they really cared about freedom, though, they’d still be talking about Canada. And they’d be doing more than talking. Right now, we’re trying to turn Russia into North Korea. Practically every company has pulled out: Banks, tech companies, fast food. We’re boycotting their oil and gas even though it will wreck the economy here.

Leslie Angeles is a Canadian with an 11-year-old daughter. She recent contacted us to tell her story. We’re not going to ignore it. Here’s part of what she said:

Quote: “My 11 year old daughter was court ordered to be vaccinated for covid19 against my will on February 9th, 2022. The corrupt judicial system ruled against me despite my affidavit and conditional acceptance. I had just lost my mother early December 3, 2021 and had to go home to Michigan from Montreal, Canada for funeral arrangements. While I was there, my ex-spouse who is pro covid vaccine threatened to take me to court because he wanted my daughter to be jabbed because he was expecting a baby with his new partner at the end of February. I know the jabs are toxic and poisonous and are DNA gene therapy and not a vaccine and can only do more harm than good. I know our natural immunity is best to fight any virus. I also know that the jab causes many adverse reactions, permanent disabilities and death.

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“I came home to Canada end of January, was forced to quarantine for 2 weeks or be subject to possible jail or fines up to $750,000.Without seeing my children for 2 months, I was served papers by a bailiff as my ex knew I would be home in quarantine. I was to appear in court online virtually and was only given a week time to find a representative. … I was not allowed to go out of my apartment to see anyone. “

“On the 9th of February, I appeared online virtually in court representing myself. The father was not able to rebut my affidavit and the judge knew it and just ordered everything he wanted ordered including me to pay his legal fees of $3,000. As soon as the session was done, I was shocked and in disbelief that the judge ruled everything against me even knowing my daughter had a severe nut allergy that needs an epipen. I didn’t know what to do but go and run to the school to try and get my daughter to safety. I broke quarantine as I had only 1 more day left, which my ex knew and obviously planned. I knew I had to do something. I could not let her get the jab knowing that my ex had an appointment the same day within hours of the court hearing.

I arrived at the school and my daughter was not willing to come with me. The father had warned her that I may come to get her so she was scared and refused to come with me. The school would not let me in and kept my daughter prisoner from her own mother! Furious, I didn’t know what else to do but call the cops. … [But] The officer told me I was in violation of the quarantine and I was to go home immediately. I didn’t listen as all I could think about was getting my daughter out of the custody of her father and that jab. The police threatened me several times to give me a ticket of 1500$. I then gave up. In the end, the father did take my daughter to get the jab. I was helpless. I still have yet to face a possible second dose for my daughter that will be forced on her without my consent which her father may do behind my back as he did with my 14 year old son.”

Unquote. That’s what’s going on in Justin Trudeau’s Canada every day right now. People are still living under the tyranny of quarantines, and having their children snatched away or turned against them so they can be given shots they don’t need, and which could very well hurt them for life, maybe even kill them.

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