The chairman of the American Conservative Union recently took to Twitter to proclaim that the story of biological male Lia Thomas (whose real name is Will Thomas) “deserves our compassion,” despite what one may think of him intruding on women’s sports to smash the biologically female competition.

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ACU chairman Matt Schlapp shared a New York Post article about Thomas pushing back against his critics on March 6th, captioning the shared article with, “No matter what one thinks of Lia’s ability to swim with women her story deserves our compassion. It will be interesting to hear Lia’s pov in 30 years.”

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For those unfamiliar with the “story” of Thomas, Red Voice Media initially reported on the biological male back in early December when he was obliterating women’s collegiate swimming records once he decided that he was going to compete as a woman with the University of Pennsylvania’s swimming team.

Even the editor-in-chief of Swimming World Magazine wrote that the “numbers paint a clear picture” when Thomas competed as a male versus competing now as a female, highlighting the existence of a serious advantage Thomas has over the women he’s competing against.

“The fact that the University of Pennsylvania swimmer has soared from a mid-500s ranking (554th in the 200 freestyle) in men’s competition to the top-ranked swimmer in women’s competition tells the story of the unfairness which is unfolding at the NCAA level.”

With digesting that background information, it becomes all the more understandable while Schlapp faced some considering backlash online over his call to show “compassion” for the male swimmer blowing the women out of the water.

Former Newsmax host John Cardillo was among those critical of Schlapp’s comments about Thomas, writing, “No Matt. HIS story deserves no compassion. He’s a spoiled brat ruining college sports for his female teammates and competitors. I have compassion for them and want to hear their stories. You establishment ‘conservatives’ will cave every single time.”

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Others also echoed sentiments mocking Schlapp for portraying the lack of conservatism with modern conservatives, with one Twitter user responding with, “Conservatism is progressivism driving the speed limit.”

The mocking of Schlapp’s lack of conservatism isn’t by chance, as he’s meant to be – by default – the face of modern conservatism considering his organization hosts the annual CPAC conference.

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