If this is true, Big Insurance could be setting the stage for an epic battle against Big Pharma. Two powerhouse industries could be squaring off in the future.

“There you go. This is something we thought might happen. We’re seeing it happen. You might want to check your policy.” – Dr. Pierre

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Dr. Pierre: So in France, there was an elderly, wealthy businessman who got out life insurance for millions of dollars, he got the COVID vaccine, and he died. So the life insurance company is not paying out, because they decided that the COVID vaccine is a medical experiment, and deaths from a medical experiment is not a covered entity. Furthermore, even the judge says that the side effects from the vaccine are well known they’ve been made public. There’s absolutely no way that this gentleman could not have known the side effects. He willingly chose to get the vaccine. And he died as a result. And because it was a choice, they’re calling it a suicide.

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Homer Simpson: Um, can you repeat the part of this stuff where you said all about things.

Dr. Pierre: And suicides, along with deaths from experimental drugs are not covered in life insurance. So I know what you’re thinking, Oh, that happened in France. That would never happen in the US. Well, I’m sorry to tell you, but the American Life Insurance Council has also said that life insurance policies may deny payment if you die from the COVID-19 vaccine because they are experimental drugs.

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Well, isn’t that something?

If a battle between Big Insurance and Big Pharma were to escalate, who would win?

Who would you want to win, or would you want them both to lose?

Anyway, here’s what some folks from around the internet are saying about this short video…

“Edward Dowd believes that the insurance companies will do something big when they will find out what is going on.”

“I have heard this. It was just a matter of time before the COST of this failed experiment would bring the truth to light.”

“And most judges invest in the winning side. Insurance companies have zero empathy and zero loyalty. They do not care if you are CIA, FDA, WHO, or NIAID. If there is a way to not pay you they will find it use it and feel zero pain. Caveat Emptor: Buyer beware. The Gov is Screwing all those who choose to follow their dictates. Caveat Emptor.”

“And now some insurers won’t sell you insurance unless you have had it…”

“How will they KNOW if someone died of the jab? The Narrative Machine and Big Pharma flat out deny it is happening.”

“The insurance companies might be the only way the truth gets out. Millions of death claims, heart conditions, etc. are about to get VERY expensive for someone. Insurance vs. Pharma, who will win? What a world we live in, eh?”

“Are we at the phase when the vaccinated find out they’ve been patented by Microsoft and no longer have human rights? Asking for a friend.”


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