WASHINGTON, DC – During a White House press briefing on March 28th, Fox News’ Peter Doocy and Joe Biden had a sort of small-scale war of words, with Doocy asking the president about comments he’s “walked back” in recent times regarding Russia and Ukraine.

When Biden addressed Doocy during the press briefing, he already knew he was going to be hit with some hard questions, telling the Fox News reporter, “I know you’re going to ask a really nice question.”

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Doocy prefaced his question with him asserting that it is at least an “important” one.

“Well, it’s an important question I think. Are you worried that other leaders in the world are going to start to doubt that America is back, if some of these big things that you say on the world stage keep getting walked back?”

President Biden seemed taken aback by the accusations levied by Doocy, asking the journalist, “What’s getting walked back?”

Bringing the proverbial receipts, Doocy listed a handful of recent statements that Biden has made that have caused varying levels of concern.

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“It did sound like, just in the last couple of days, it sounded like you told U.S. troops they were going to Ukraine, it sounded like you said it was possible the U.S. would use a chemical weapon, and it sounded like you were calling for regime change in Russia, and we know…”

Biden quickly cut Doocy off, proclaiming that he’s never conveyed anything of the sort, accusing the Fox News journalist of misinterpreting his words.

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“None of the three occurred…none of the three. You interpret the language that way. I was talking to the troops, we were talking about helping train the troops in – that are the Ukrainian troops that are in Poland. That was the context. I sat there with those guys for a couple hours, that’s what we talked about.”

Seeking clarification on the individual matters, Doocy asked Biden, “So when you said, ‘You’re going to see when you’re there,’ you were not intending…”

Once again, cutting off Doocy, Biden quickly fired back with, “I was referring to…with…be with and talking with the Ukrainian troops who are in Poland.”

Doocy then pivoted to Biden’s remarks on Russia’s potential use of chemical weapons, asking, “And when you said a chemical weapon use by Russia would trigger a response in kind?”

Biden did confirm to Doocy that is Russia used chemical weapons then it would, “trigger a significant response,” but when Doocy asked specifically what that means, Biden smarmily replied with, “I’m not going to tell you. Why would I tell you? You gotta be silly.”

Doocy noted that “The world wants to know,” about these potential scenarios if tensions escalate, however, Biden replied, “The world wants to know a lot of things, I’m not telling them what the response would be, then Russia knows the response.”

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