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Documents Show Biden’s DOJ Attacked 1st Amendment, Spied On Journalists While Hiding It From Federal Judge [VIDEO]

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Documents recently obtained by Project Veritas detail a series of secret warrants filed by Biden’s Department of Justice to spy on Project Veritas journalists [1] – well before the raids conducted last November.

Furthermore, these documents also reveal that the Justice Department both ignored a federal judge’s order following the November raids and tried to keep their endeavors concealed.

The Justice Department gained access to “communications and contacts of eight Project Veritas journalists” by way of targeting Microsoft Corporation via the court system and then making sure Microsoft couldn’t say anything about these warrants by getting a non-disclosure order put into effect.

In short, Microsoft had to hand over Project Veritas information/communications to the DOJ and couldn’t say anything about it.

As Project Veritas reported it, these “documents uncover a sixteen-month clandestine campaign against journalists in which the DOJ obtained seven secret orders, warrants and subpoenas from six magistrates within the Southern District of New York.”

Project Veritas shared a timeline of events, dating back to when they first learned of the existence of Ashely Biden’s diary – which this whole debacle stems from – through the non-disclosed orders/warrants, the raids of the journalists homes, a federal judge’s order telling the DOJ to cease combing through Project Veritas’ materials, to the revelation of these Microsoft documents.

What is egregious in all this is that it appears as though the DOJ was subverting the November 2021 order imposed by Judge Torres that deemed “the DOJ’s investigation must be overseen by Judge Jones and ordered the DOJ not to review any materials seized from Project Veritas without Judge Jones’ approval.”

This is because the DOJ apparently concealed the fact that they had maintained access to privileged Project Veritas documents and communications obtained before the November 2021 raids that were never disclosed to Judge Torres or the appointed Special Master.