The entire narrative surrounding COVID-19 hinged on the idea that the mandates, protocols, and jabs were all meant to protect the general public from the deadly coronavirus. But as time revealed, the mandates, lockdowns, and numerous jabs did little to rid the world of COVID-19. At the same time, several variants of the COVID-19 virus were announced and also spread around the globe. What is even more interesting is how the mainstream media has vilified and blacklisted the inventor of the mRNA technology, Robert Malone.

While an expert in his field, Dr. Malone has been viciously outspoken about the fake pandemic and the agenda to strip freedoms from citizens and gain unspeakable power. 

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Attending the People’s Convoy currently at the Hagerstown Speedway, Dr. Malone dissected the entire COVID-19 pandemic, the push from within the Biden administration, and how each agency, including the mainstream media, had a part to play. He admitted, “This is not about public health; this is absolutely about control. Because it doesn’t make any sense… This whole logic: take the jab, get the number, have your digital ID, what goes next? Oh, digital currency. Who was it that discovered [it] for us? That made us all aware? The whole bloody world could see the game. It was the Canadian truckers that outed the game.”

Take a look. 

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The People’s Convoy has been met with disdain over the past few weeks as they descended on D.C. While Republican Senator Roger Marshall gave truckers a tour of the Capitol, some exits were blocked off from the movement, preventing them from getting into D.C. One of the convoy organizers, Mike Landis, said the movement would continue until the COVID-19 state of emergency that was declared in 2020 ended. 

As for Dr. Malone, he explained to the People’s Convoy that the COVID-19 agenda might have the backing of world leaders like Justin Trudeau and organizations like the World Economic Forum, but at the end of the day, “most of them aren’t very smart.”

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In the video above, Dr. Malone stated, “The good news about these characters is [that] most of them aren’t very smart… We can beat them… but first thing we’ve got to do is we’ve got to out em’… We’ve invested thousands of dollars in our team, and we have built a massive spreadsheet of over 4000 names of WEF trainees, and we’ve got their CDs. We got their jobs. We got where they are, where they come from, where they’re working now, who they used to work with… We’re about to put this up on a blockchain-protected site, so they can’t take us down. And we’re gonna ask all of you and we’re gonna ask Steve Bannon’s posse to crowdsource the rest. And when people figure out other ones that aren’t on that list, we’re gonna get them on that list.”

Speaking of Prime Minister Trudeau, Dr. Malone joked about the leader and how he mocked a movement that revealed his dictatorship plan of invoking the Emergencies Act. At the same time, when confronted by the peaceful protesters, Trudeau was moved to a secret location for his safety. 

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And Dr. Malone was sure not to leave the mainstream media and news organization out of the spotlight as he detailed the merge between journalism and propaganda being called “advocacy journalism” and who is funding it.  The doctor said, “Is there any difference between the definition of propaganda and the definition of advocacy journalism? No, there is not… You know who’s funding these curricula in journalism school?.. It’s Bill Gates!”

Dr. Malone Exposes Journalism Curricula – You Know Who Is Funding Propaganda

 Dr. Malone’s full speech at the People’s Convoy can be watched below. 

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