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Dr. Robert Malone: COVID Is Just a Skirmish—We Have a Much Bigger Problem [VIDEO]

If you thought all the lies surrounding the so-called COVID19 pandemic were bad, just wait until you find out about the more significant driving forces behind it and so much more.

“We are far from being over the real challenge that the COVID is; I think just a skirmish. We have a much bigger problem, in my opinion. And it has to do with this rising totalitarianism. Your own Governor Gavin Newsom, I don’t know if you know, is trained by the World Economic Forum. So is Governor Inslee in Washington? So is Pete Buttigieg. So is Justin Trudeau, so is his finance minister. So is the Prime Minister of New Zealand. So is Macron in France. The list is enormous. And there, it’s not just in politics. They’re in banking, they’re all over in tech. And they have a clear agenda, which is not aligned with the US Constitution. They’re those folks are invested in, in a worldview that believes that the nation-state is obsolete. And they are actively trying to advance the cause of a one-world government that will supplant national governance. And so, do we have enough people that are aware of this? No. That’s the big battle. You know, it’s I really, really do feel that this COVID situation is just a skirmish. And the bigger battle is against censorship and control and a growing global totalitarianism.” – Dr. Robert Malone

If you want to watch the full clip, check out the video below.

Fortunately, COVID has opened some people’s eyes to more than just the lies ‘they’ used to exert control and gain compliance over these past two years or so.

Here’s what some of those people are saying online…

“I believe Dr. Malone more than I believe mainstream news or anything mainstream.”

“The New leaders started to emerge. It’s a miracle how people from all walks of life, from all races, from all countries around the world, are getting connected, and communicating the same message at the same time. I think. This is it. The Greatest cataclysm in modern human history.”

“No wonder Inslee never gets voted out. WA has been “mail only” for years. So much corruption! Globalists are destroying America!”

“The ‘WEF’ acronym may as well stand for the ‘World Eugenics Front’ in true Nazi style.”

“That’s why I wish we would just go isolationist. I would gladly be poor and free, rebuilding America. We have every resource necessary to thrive and be free. The USA became the most successful country in the World because we have Resources, Labor, and agriculture.”

“It’s a Bolshevik revolution funded by the corporations and propaganda media.”

“Since they have figured out how to “hack” human DNA, what is to stop them? They are not hiding it at WEF with Schwab and Harami.”

“They underestimate God’s plan. God will see his plan thru as he promised.”

They’re even telling us directly to our face what they are doing and what their plan is. The Joe Biden clip below just came out last night…

“There Is Gonna Be a New World Order” – Joe Biden Reveals the Plan Out Loud [1]