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End Goal: Depopulation, Journalist Exposes Transgender Agenda To Sterilize Children

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Brandon Showalter is a reporter with The Christian Post, whose work focuses on the intersection of faith and public life. Of late, that means he’s seen a lot of evil up close, because he’s had to cover the transgender movement and its fanatical obsession with mutilating and sterilizing vulnerable children.

This is a “movement” that has really come out of nowhere to totally remake society. Thirty years ago, transvestites were a joke in movies. Maybe ten years after that, people were aware of a few mentally ill oddballs who tried to actually surgically transform their bodies to look like the opposite sex.

But now, this ideology is everywhere. Preschool teachers, pediatricians, and social workers have all been brainwashed into believing it. Children’s cartoons promote it. You can have your children taken away if you fight back against it.

They’re remaking all of human society in accordance with this ideology. When you fill out forms online there are now 10 different options for your gender. There are workplaces where you’re forced to supply your “preferred pronouns,” so some tranny freakshow doesn’t have to be reminded that they’ve transformed themselves into an abomination.

Practically every company is on board with that. Right now, Florida is looking to bar teachers from spreading tranny propaganda to six-year-olds, and the CEO of Disney contacted Ron DeSantis to complain about it. Apparently, Disney does want to push graphic sexual material onto young children. We can only imagine why.

This isn’t some fad.. It’s an attack on the idea of man and woman, which has existed in every society for all of history. It’s an attack on the family. It’s an attack on the very idea of what it is to be a human. It’s an attack on civilization itself. This isn’t an attack you can compromise with, or seek “understanding” about. This is a direct ideological offensive, and the only way to stop it is put your foot down, say “No,” and not concede a single inch to these sick perverts.

As we told you a minute ago, Brandon Showalter is a Christian Post reporter who has chronicled all of this up-close for a long time.

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