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Even Radical Feminists Feel Politically Homeless & Abandoned By The Democrat Party [VIDEO]

ATLANTA, GA – With the current administration working overtime to help continue the push for the radical trans agenda, biological women who happen to be Democrats are saying they feel “politically homeless” with the Biden administration and factions of the left trying to erase the existence of real women.

Fox News took to interviewing a handful of feminist protesters staged outside of the McAuley Center, where biologically male UPenn swimmer Will “Lia” Thomas recently crushed the actual female competition [1] in an NCAA nationals competition on March 17th.

One woman clearly made reference to the Thomas debacle, saying she doesn’t care what steps a biological male engages in – be it genital mutilation or hormones – men have zero place in women’s athletics.

“I don’t care what surgeries they have. I don’t care what they inject into their bloodstream. They don’t belong in women’s sports.”

Another woman described herself as being a “lifelong Democrat” that began feeling as though Democrats were no longer representing people like her amidst the era of the Biden administration.

“I am a lifelong registered Democrat who ultimately feels politically homeless. It really started maybe right before Biden, but ultimately with the whole Biden election, I began to feel more and more disenfranchised from Democrats.”

Continuing on that notion, the woman claimed that when Biden dropped an executive order that replaced the category of “sex” to the woke terminology of “gender identity,” things really hit home that the Democrat party had left her behind in pursuit of radical trans agenda.

“When Biden came out in the first days of his presidency with his executive order which replaced the category of ‘sex’ at the federal level with the category of ‘gender identity,’ it was a slap in the face. And from that moment, I really haven’t known how to categorize myself politically.”

One of the women outside of the McAuley Center explained her journey of registering as a Republican for the first time in 2020, despite her not aligning with much of what Republicans want, but claimed that with Democrats not even recognizing her “sex class,” she can no longer identify with the party.

Furthermore, she proclaimed that Democrats candidates didn’t even want her vote due to her stances on protecting women and girls.

“I always voted as a liberal, from 18 to 39 or 38. I registered Republican in 2020 after two politicians actually told me they did not want my vote because of my stance on the rights for women and girls…they wanted to put men in [women’s] prisons, and men on sports teams in my daughter’s.

So that’s why I decided I cannot be a part of this party anymore that doesn’t even recognize my sex class…That’s why I had to switch parties, even though I don’t necessarily agree with a lot Republicans do as well.”