In light of the New York Times owning up to the reality of the Hunter Biden laptop being real, Fox News hosts have been sounding off on how this massive cover-up by the mainstream media compromised and potentially even “rigged” the 2020 election in favor for Joe Biden.

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Federalist Editor-In-Chief Mollie Hemingway joined Fox News host Jesse Watters on the evening of March 18th to discuss the bombshell story involving the New York Times admitting to the existence of the laptop.

Waters went straight to the point, asking Hemingway if this revelation gives credence to the 2020 election being “rigged.”

“Mollie, we knew this all along but it’s clear now, would you say that this election – just based on what they did with this laptop – was rigged?”

Hemingway responded that considering Hunter’s laptop served as “the most important story of the 2020 election,” due to it exposing the “Biden family business,” that it undoubtedly disrupted the outcome of the 2020 election.

“Just this story alone shows how problematic the 2020 election was. Nobody can doubt that this was the most important story of the 2020 election – the Biden family business – which as you went through involves getting a lot of money and gifts from shady foreign characters in exchange for a proximity to Joe Biden.

“There are multiple family members involved with this, we have reams of evidence about the corruption involved in this. And yet the media went out of their way to suppress this story beyond a shadow of a doubt and tech companies colluded as well to do it. But there is no question this was the single most important story of the 2020 election. They hid it from the American people, and in an election that came down to 43,000 votes across three states, you know this had a huge impact.”

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As for Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, he also called out – in his trademark humorous manner – how detrimental the Hunter laptop story cover-up by the mainstream media was regarding the 2020 election.

“It really is amazing, after the contentious 2020 election and more denial than Charlie Sheen at an AA meeting, the New York Times now admits, ‘Sure, okay. That laptop full of politically damning stuff about Joe and Hunter Biden is more legit than MC Hammer at the ’91 Grammys.’ That’s an old reference.

“Of course, this is nearly two years after an election that Joe might’ve lost if all that info hadn’t been buried by the media and tech industries at the behest of their buddies in the Democrat political machine. So now a massive report on the ongoing federal probe into Hunter’s taxes has confirmed that yes, the infamous laptop indeed exists. In other news, Putin is psychotic, Biden is old, and I collect water from used water beds  – it’s delicious., a lot of fiber.”

Just in case you forgot what they did…

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