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It’s been almost two weeks since Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. It’s still the biggest story going on, and it probably should be, because there’s still a very real chance that this blows up the whole world.

Two former NATO commanders want a no-fly zone over Ukraine. So does Congressman Adam Kinzinger. A no-fly zone would mean war with Russia, very possibly a nuclear war. Nikki Haley wants us to ship fighter jets to Ukraine and do an embargo of Russian oil, which would crash the global economy, and our own too, because we’ve already neutered our own oil and gas industries.

That’s how fanatical our leadership is about this. They want to absolutely destroy Russia. They’re already doing everything they can short of actually rounding up Russians and putting them in camps. Russians are being fired from their jobs if they don’t “denounce” Putin. Liquor stores are banning Russian liquors. MasterCard, Visa, and ApplePay have all pulled out of Russia.

We’re doing all this for Ukraine, which we’re told is a “democracy.” Of course, when they use the word “democracy,” they mean a nation controlled by oligarchs and the U.S. State Department, because that’s what “democracy” is to them.

They want you to absolutely hate Russia and hate Vladimir Putin. Why are you supposed to hate Putin? Remember, they didn’t start hating him two weeks ago. They’ve hated him for years. They say they hate him because he’s a “warmonger.” That’s a lie. They hate Putin because he doesn’t play by the rules the U.S. State department sets. A decade ago, Russia passed a law banning “gay propaganda.” You can be gay in Russia, but you can’t push it in schools, you can’t glamorize it on TV, you can’t make it part of the de facto national religion like they do in America. They hate Putin for that.

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When Putin took office, Russia had two million abortions per year. In 2011, though, Russia banned abortion after 12 weeks and imposed a mandatory waiting period before getting one. Today, the abortion rate is one-third what it was when Putin took office.

Before Putin took office, Russia was run by Boris Yeltsin, who let the West humiliate and plunder Russia. People’s incomes fell to one-third of what they were when the Soviet Union fell. Putin changed that. He brought the Russian deep state under control, and allowed the country to prosper. In 14 years, he made personal incomes ten times as high as they were when he took office.

You probably know that the Russian Communists opposed religion, but it was even worse than you probably realize. The Bolsheviks blew up or dismantled literally tens of thousands of churches in the country, including priceless works of art that were centuries old. With Putin’s support, by 2019 Russia was building three new churches a day to remedy what the Communists did. And this is Russia, not America, so the new churches are beautiful instead of ugly. I encourage you to look up the Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces, or the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

When Putin took office in Russia, their murder rate nationwide was 30 per 100,000. That’s worse than the murder rate in Chicago right now. Imagine that for an entire country. That was the situation when Putin took over. Today, Russia’s murder rate is 5 per 100,000, lower than the U.S. right now. In two decades, Vladimir Putin cut the murder rate to under one-sixth what it was before.

This is the real reason our elites hate Putin so much. He completely humiliates them by improving his country without being some slave to Washington. He protects his nation’s culture instead of replacing them with migrants and promoting degeneracy.

They tell you Putin wants to rebuild the “Russian empire,” or that he’s Hitler and wants to take over all of Europe. That’s a lie. Every conflict Putin has been involved in is directly related to the interests of Russia and the Russian people. That includes this one: Putin cares about the interests of Russians in Ukraine, and he worries about the anti-Russian NATO alliance getting expanded right up to his front door. He pleaded for two decades to resolve these issues through negotiations. Our elites wouldn’t budge a single inch. Well, now they get the war they wanted so badly.

But there’s another reason our elites love this war, besides using it as a chance to take down Putin. They can use it to mask their own incompetence. Already, we’ve seen the press blame inflation and shortages on Russia, even though both those things massive predate anything in Ukraine. It’s just a lie.

They also like this war as a distraction. Last week, mask mandates went away in Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. Within two weeks they’ll be gone in California, Oregon, Washington, and New Jersey. Overnight, Democrats are trying to pretend they didn’t terrorize our children and blow up our economy in a fit of Covid hysteria. They’re trying to just make things normal again, and thinking we’ll thank them for “beating” Covid, when they did nothing to beat it at all. It just naturally went away, like it was always going to, and they ruined peoples’ lives for two years just so they could make us suffer and satisfy their own egos.

And our elites like the war for one last reason: Because if they can make Putin this big public enemy, they think they can distract the American people from our real enemy: Them. Putin didn’t put critical race theory in our schools. He didn’t tell us that Jussie Smollett was a victim, and George Floyd was a saint. He didn’t let rioters run wild in a hundred different cities. He doesn’t let sicko doctors castrate children.

The same people who brought you “Orange Man Bad,” “Vaccine Good,” and “Riots Good” now want you to mindlessly believe “Putin Bad.” They want you to fight a war for “democracy” in Ukraine to make you forget that they killed democracy here at home. Don’t let them.

That’s the topic for today’s entire show: The Hell they’ve created here in America while instigating a war thousands of miles away.

Trevor Adams is a whistleblower at ESPN. He’s worked in television for nearly two decades. He started back in 2004 with a little show on NBC called The Apprentice. In 2014 he joined ESPN, where he very quickly saw all kinds of racism and discrimination within the company. Eventually, Trevor had enough, so he teamed up with Project Veritas to expose what was happening there.

You can tell Adams is a real whistleblower and not a fake one like that Facebook “whistleblower” Biden trotted out at the State of the Union, because he faced real retaliation for coming forward. He had the police sent after him, and got put on administrative leave for three months. ESPN made insane allegations like claiming he was going to shoot the place up. When he tried to get a religious accommodation against the vaccine mandate, they subjected him to a long interrogation where he basically had to prove his religious faith.

Disney has fired Trevor from his job, and with the climate we live in now it will obviously be hard for him to get another in the same field. Taylor has a fundraiser going on GiveSendGo. I encourage you to check it out and support him if you’re able.

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