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Heroes Taking Down Evil: Journalist April Moss Goes Nuclear, Exposes Vaxx Hospitalizations & Murder

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April Moss is one of the heroes America desperately needs more of, especially in our media outlets. Moss is an award-winning journalist and meteorologist who worked at CBS Detroit until last summer. She saw up close how much bias there was at her channel, like there is at so many other places. April had wanted to meet Candace Owens during International Women’s Month, but that got nixed because it was “too political.” Do you think the station would have nixed Michelle Obama? Jill Biden? Ilhan Omar? Of course not. Only conservatives are ever “too political” to merit public attention and airtime.

April also did an interview with Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, at the time the top doctor in the state of Michigan (by the way, today she’s a senior exec at pharmacy giant CVS. Go figure). When April asked Dr. Khaldun questions about post-vaccine hospitalization cases, but her producers tried to shut the entire line of questioning down. They only wanted her to ask fake softball questions: “What inspires you?,” “What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?,” garbage like that.

So finally, April had enough. Last summer, she went on air and in the middle of a weather report called out all the bias and lies at her company, and announced she would be giving a tell-all interview to Project Veritas. She promptly did, while her employer CBS Detroit promptly fired her.

April Moss is also speaking at the upcoming Let’s Go Brandon rally, which is now just a few days away. She joins us now.

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