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Hunter Biden: ‘It Was F***ing Crazy Sh**,’ Joe Biden Tied To Criminal Case, $4B Liquid Natural Gas Deal, CCP Spy Chief [VIDEOS]

Now that Joe Biden has been President for over a year, the New York Times decided to admit that the Hunter Biden laptop story that was claimed to be Russian propaganda was, in fact, authentic [1]. In short, not only was the laptop real, but the narrative to cover it up and label it as a pawn from Russia was a complete fabrication. What is even more interesting is during the push to discredit the story, the man behind the laptop, Hunter, was spending his time conversing with naked hookers about who might have stolen another computer and what exactly was on it.

Take a look. 

While not the best side of Hunter, the President’s son admitted that the laptop was full of “fucking crazy shit.” He explained to the escort that his father was running for President at the time and how he makes a “gazillion dollars.” Apparently, there was more on the laptop than business dealing and crazy sexual exploits, as Hunter liked recording his conversations. In the video below, Hunter explained how he and his father, the current President, are tied to a criminal case and a $4 billion liquid natural gas deal. 

Having a great deal of information on the Biden family, Hunter’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, sat down with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to discuss his former dealings with the family currently residing in the White House. Not all that shocking, as can be seen below, Bobulinski noted how Biden said he did not know about Hunter’s business operations. Still, both he and Hunter confirmed that President Biden was very much aware of what was going on.