This week the NY Times finally came out and told the truth about Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell, which is that it is authentic.  The big question is, why did they wait a year and a half to tell the truth?

Glenn Greenwald appeared with Tucker Carlson to explain why he thinks they did it. WATCH:

Greenwald : “The entire liberal wing of the corporate media, which is basically the entire corporate media, with a few exceptions, spent a year and a half now, disseminating a CIA lie, which is that the Hunter laptop, emails published by The Washington Post were quote, unquote, Russian disinformation.

Amazingly, the letter from those intelligence officials, the dozens of them on which they relied, did not even say that they admitted those officials did that they have no evidence for making this claim and have no reason to believe it, except this kind of like tingling sensation in their stomach, that gives them like an intuitive sense that maybe it’s the Russians in the media, went even further than the trained liars in the intelligence community and said it is Russian disinformation. There has been evidence, as you know, from the very beginning, proving that this laptop was completely authentic, I was willing to stake my entire journalistic reputation by writing about it, but was censored by my own media outlet and quit in protest over it.

But the evidence has long been there. The New York Times, I have to say is one of the very few outlets that didn’t affirm this, they did acknowledge early on in a very kind of understated way that there was no evidence for it. But now they’ve come out and said, we The New York Times have been able to authenticate these materials. I think it’s because somebody is leaking to them information about what is the pending and very broad, ongoing FBI criminal investigation into Hunter Biden and to report on it, they needed to use materials from the archive and to do that they needed to authenticate it so they had an interest in doing so now. Whereas I guess a year and a half ago, right before the election to debunk the lies being told they didn’t.”

We’ve heard it before right? Justice is coming? Do you think it’s finally time for Hunter? Let us know in the comments…