More and more keeps coming out to expose The Biden Crime Family. This time it’s Hunter Biden being tied to the bio labs in Ukraine.

First, there are no bio labs in Ukraine.

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Second, the bio labs in Ukraine are research facilities for protection against bioweapons.

Third, what’s in these bio labs is so dangerous, we don’t want the Russians getting ahold of it.

Now, Hunter Biden and The Biden Crime Family are tied to the non-existent bio labs researching things so dangerous that we fear the Russians could use them to attack. All this within just a few weeks.


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“Remember the Bio Lab story? It was a couple of weeks ago, so much has happened. But a couple of weeks ago, Toria Nuland, that’s the Undersecretary of State who oversees Ukraine, mentioned in a Senate hearing that their US-funded Bio Labs in Ukraine and whatever is in these labs, Nuland said to Marco Rubio is so dangerous, she’s worried it’ll fall into the wrong hands, people get hurt. Now we saw the tape of Nuland saying this and we were really surprised we’d never heard anything like this before. Biolabs in Ukraine, what? Why?

So we brought it up on air, and we asked, among other things, why didn’t the Biden administration secure what was ever in these labs before the Russians invaded? That seems like a fair question, may be an important question. For asking it, we were immediately denounced by so-called reporters as disloyal agents of Vladimir Putin. They accused us of repeating discredited Russian disinformation about the existence of bioweapons in Ukraine. And they knew this because Pentagon flax had handed them a quote factsheet that told themselves so they read the talking points dutifully as they always do. In fact, we didn’t even mention bioweapons, we just quoted what Toria Nuland told the Senate and asked what it meant. The whole thing was absurd. But the experience did get us thinking, what is the truth here? Why exactly are we paying for Bio Labs in Ukraine of all places? How long has this has been going on? And what’s the purpose of it?

So we started poking around to find out, we did. We just spoke to someone who knows the answer to this question, someone with direct first-hand knowledge of this topic. It turns out that our government has for some time funded Bio Labs in Ukraine that do among other things, research on yes, biological weapons. This is not a conspiracy theory. It’s true. So why is the US government doing this in Ukraine? The answer because no one wants to do bioweapons research in this country. It’s too dangerous, and it’s too unpopular.

For decades, the US government worked on bioweapons at places like Fort Dietrich and suburban Maryland or underground at the Army’s Dugway proving ground outside Salt Lake City. But after a series of accidents and controversies, the government decided to move bioweapons research offshore, Ukraine, among other countries, was a perfect place to relocate. Because Ukraine is not a democracy. The Ukrainian government can host all the bioweapons research it wants, there’s nothing ordinary Ukrainians can do about it. That’s the truth.

No, we’re not shocked that our government is lying about this a bioweapons program is by definition a national security matter. So you do not expect full transparency. That’s okay. What we’re shocked by is the Biden administration’s willingness to attack anyone who presses them for answers as an agent of a hostile foreign power, get out of our way, or will accuse you of treason. That’s over the top. That’s their MO, not just the White House, but the toadies in the press corps who do their bidding, denouncing American citizens as disloyal for telling the truth.

No wonder so many elected Republicans obey them? They’re afraid not to. But there’s more to the story. How much? Well, we’re not sure. But the National Pulse is reporting tonight, that apparently a private equity firm run by Hunter Biden funded some of the research into pathogens in these Bio Labs. What are the outlines of that story? We’re not sure. But we know it’s legitimate to ask what it means. Why wouldn’t it be? You’re not a Russian agent repeating discredited Putin talking points if you ask. You’re a good citizen. So we’re going to continue to ask. We hope that others will too.” – Tucker Carlson

How did the ‘toadies in the press corps’ who parroted ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ over the Clinton-funded ‘Russian Disinformation’ campaign against Donald Trump respond?

Well, in short, very predictably…

Unfortunately for those toadies, there’s plenty of evidence to the contrary…

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