BOISE, ID – A situation being deemed as a medical kidnapping has been unfolding in Boise, Idaho concerning a 10-month-old baby, Cyrus, who has been suffering with digestive issues.

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Cyrus’ parents, Marissa and Levi Anderson, are currently fighting a battle with CPS, the Meridian Police Department, and St. Luke’s Hospital. Cyrus was taken to the emergency room on March 1 because he was vomiting and generally sick. After undergoing many tests and exams, he was released after a week with the knowledge that he had some kind of digestive issues to do with protein, so he was unable to eat solid foods yet.

Other than the digestive issues, Cyrus was sent home with a “clean bill of health,” as his Grandpa, Diego Rodriguez, who is providing updates on the situation.

Still, the Andersons were taking Cyrus in for daily weigh-ins to Dr. Aaron Dykstra at Functional Medicine of Idaho. Marissa called the office on Friday (March 11) to let them know she wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t be bringing Cyrus in that day (as per just about every hospital protocol in the world right now). The doctor called her back later but she didn’t answer (she was sleeping). Marissa then found out via text message from social worker Nice Loufoua that CPS was contacted for alleged child endangerment of Cyrus.

The police eventually pulled over Levi’s truck and detained him. Marissa and Cyrus were in the car as well, and Marissa was told Cyrus was going to be taken to the hospital but that she could stay with him. Marissa got into the ambulance meant to transport Cyrus with the baby, at which point a detective got in and informed her that she had to relinquish custody of the baby and appear in court to fight for him on Tuesday.

There is video of this interaction, which can be seen below. As a former police officer, this author is appalled and embarrassed to point out that one of the detectives (identified by Diego Rodriguez as Detective Hanson) in the video tells Marissa to give her baby to the EMT and be on her “merry way.” It doesn’t need any further commentary, as surely just about anyone can see how inappropriate and heartless that comment was.

Marissa, who is compliant aside from begging the officers not to make her leave her infant (who is completely dependent on her breastmilk due to his health issues), is placed under arrest by the same detective who can’t understand why she won’t just give up her baby and leave without a word. “She’s going to jail,” the detective is heard telling another officer in a dismissive tone when the officer asks what Marissa’s going to do.

Activist and Idaho gubernatorial candidate Ammon Bundy and several other supporters arrived at St. Luke’s on Saturday morning (March 12) to protest Cyrus being taken from his parents’ care without cause. Bundy was arrested for trespassing after allegedly refusing to leave the property after being asked to do so. However, video of the incident doesn’t show him being asked to leave; it shows him standing there talking to officers, who suddenly move in to arrest him without saying a word about it.

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When CPS social worker Nice Loufoua sent Marissa a text message, Levi responded and attempted to get information from her on why CPS was contacted. Loufoua wouldn’t give Levi any information, other than telling him that this was a “medical emergency” and to bring Cyrus to Faces of Hope Victim Center, which is an abuse victim center.

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After St. Luke’s first claimed that Cyrus wasn’t at their facility, Marissa and Levi were eventually contacted by the hospital (after hundreds of calls and protesters showing up all weekend). Grandpa Diego Rodriguez updated with the following information on Saturday after that phone call:

“The doctor promised that Baby Cyrus would not be given vaccines or any other “treatments” without their parental consent. This phone call, communication, and assurance that Baby Cyrus is well and not going to be given any treatments without their consent is nearly miraculous and is only the result of your support, prayers, and efforts to put pressure on them. Thank you so much!”

On Sunday evening, March 13, Marissa and Levi were allowed to see Cyrus. Shortly after, Rodriguez updated that Cyrus was in worse condition than ever, now also constipated in addition to not being able to keep down food.

Rodriguez said, “These moronic imbeciles at the hospital aren’t taking care of him—and apparently refuse to give him an enema which would take care of the problem instantly! They actually told Marissa, ‘we aren’t concerned about constipation, we’re concerned about him getting nutrition.’ But, you can’t get nutrition if you won’t eat because you’re constipated!!! This is the care that the government is mandating by force at the point of a gun!!”

Patriot Academy’s and Constitution Coach Rick Green has started a GiveSendGo fundraiser for the family. In the fundraiser, he said, “Imagine your 10-month old baby being ripped from your arms and you’re told by the tactical-dressed police to ‘be on your merry way.’ Imagine this happening to YOUR baby grandson & YOUR sweet daughter who is a caring & loving mother to that little one.  That JUST happened to my dear friends a few hours ago & they need our help to get Baby Cyrus back from an irrational, unscientific, power-hungry social worker and out of control police force in Meridian, Idaho.”

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