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It Feels like Needles – When I Try to Breathe It’s Painful – Fully Jabbed Tennis Champ Rafael Nadal [VIDEO]

INDIAN WELLS, CA – In a press conference [1] following his defeat from Taylor Fritz, tennis pro Rafael Nadal shared some of the details regarding his breathing problems [2] he suffered during the match on March 20th [3].

Nadal had an amazing 20-game winning streak that was broken by Fritz during the loss at Indian Wells. A report from ESPN mentioned that Nadal was suffering from a “health issue” during the game.

“[Nadal] came into the match bothered by painful breathing that he first experienced in a three-set semifinal win. He took two medical timeouts during the final. The first one came after he lost the first set. Nadal went inside with a trainer after tapping his upper left chest. He received treatment on court after falling behind 5-4 in the second set.”

In a post-game interview, the 36-year-old tennis pro shared some details about the breathing issues and chest pains he was dealing with while on the court.

“It happened yesterday night, just at the end of the match last night. So I – finishing that late yesterday and playing today in the morning…as you can imagine, I hadn’t the chance to do many things and no – not even a chance to check what’s going on there.

“So, but that’s it. The only thing I can say is it’s tough to breathe. For me, you know, I feel very very…when I try to breathe it’s painful and it’s very uncomfortable. But that’s it, no no, it’s not the moment to talk about that, honestly no. Even if…I was not able to do the normal things today.”

The Spanish tennis pro continued in his explanation for the experienced pain and discomfort during the match, describing the pain as being akin to being prodded with “a needle all the time.”

Nadal said that it was “more than sad” that this medical episode resulted in his loss during the match, but in a show of good sportsmanship, added that he accepted his loss against Fritz.

“I had pain, honestly. It’s tough to, as I said, I have problems to breathe because I don’t know if it’s something on the rib – I’m not sure yet. But, when I am breathing and when I’m moving, it’s like a needle all the time inside. So, you know it’s…I get dizzy a little bit because it’s painful and it’s the kind of pain that’s limit me a lot. And it’s not only about pain, it’s about I don’t feel very well because the effects to my breathe, so it’s more than sad for the lose that something like that. I accept it immediately, even before the match ends.”

While the specific cause of Nadal’s medical episode has yet to be determined, a report from The Gateway Pundit noted that he “is fully vaccinated.”

Full press conference below…

It Feels like Needles – When I Try to Breathe It’s Painful – Fully Jabbed Tennis Champ Rafael Nadal [VIDEO] [4]