In Pittsburgh, a local news station found themselves making headlines when they tried reporting on a story surrounding a 71-year-old man at a Walmart that was accused of groping a 12-year-old girl. While unsettling to begin with, the station accidentally broadcasted a picture of President Joe Biden instead of the suspect.

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Take a look.

Ahead of his State of the Union Address, President Biden has been facing mounting pressure surrounding the Russian invasion into Ukraine, record-high inflation, and COVID-19. But before Biden got a chance to speak with America, the news station blunder spread over the internet with comments reading, “Probably the first true thing this news station has ever broadcast,” “This is what I like to call NOT FAKE NEWS LOL,” and “Somebody is about to lose their job.”

As for the State of the Union, Biden was optimistic about the future as the sea of politicians wore blue and yellow in solidarity with Ukraine. The President harped on putting Americans first, bipartisanship, the end of COVID-19, and holding Russia accountable.

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