PALMS SPRINGS, CA – On the morning of March 10th, the 25-year-old wife of pop star Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber, was hospitalized after suffering “stroke-like symptoms,” where doctors later discovered a blood clot in the young woman’s brain.

Hailey was reportedly rushed over to a hospital in Palm Springs on March 10th for what was described as “a brain condition that doctors think may be COVID-related,” that “sources close to Hailey” told TMZ.

TMZ further reported the medical episode “affected the way she moved, and the symptoms are typical for much older people.”

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It would later be found that the young woman had suffered a blood clot in her brain – which typically falls under the medical definition of an ischemic stroke and the average age for said medical condition is 73 years old in women.

There are no official reports coming out pointing to the cause of the blood clot the young woman endured, but TMZ reported that doctors “ran a battery of tests and are looking to see if the symptoms involve COVID.”

Hailey reportedly was released from the hospital not long after being admitted, as she claimed in a statement that her “body had passed it on its own.”

“On Thursday morning, I was sitting at breakfast with my husband when I started having stroke-like symptoms and was taken to the hospital. They found I had suffered a very small blood clot to my brain, which caused a small lack of oxygen, but my body had passed it on its own and I recovered completely within a few hours.

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“Although this was definitely one of the scariest moments I’ve ever been through, I’m home now and doing well, and I’m so grateful and thankful to all the amazing doctors and nurses who took care of me!”

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It’s unclear whether or not Hailey had received any of the COVID shots, considering the strange medical episode in question.

As we previously reported here at Red Voice Media, women were at higher risk of suffering a rare form of stroke known as cerebral venous sinus thrombosis after they’d received Johnson & Johnson’s iteration of the COVID shot.

Furthermore, COVID shot manufacturer Moderna had openly advertised their work with Astra Zeneca in February about using mRNA technology to treat cardiovascular diseases – an effort that raised numerous eyebrows considering blood clot adverse reactions linked to COVID shots.

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Red Voice Media would like to make a point of clarification on why we do not refer to any shot related to COVID-19 as a "vaccine." According to the CDC, the definition of a vaccine necessitates that said vaccine have a lasting effect of at least one year in preventing the contraction of the virus or disease it's intended to fight. Because all of the COVID-19 shots thus far available have barely offered six months of protection, and even then not absolute, Red Voice Media has made the decision hereafter to no longer refer to the Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson substances as vaccinations.