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Lara Logan Shares ‘Anonymous’ Video Vowing Retribution Against The Mainstream Media’s False Russia/Ukraine Narrative [VIDEO]

A video released earlier in March where the person/persons behind the message are claiming to be “Anonymous” – as in the loosely formed hacktivist collective – is gaining some notable attention, as the message contained in the video [1] claims that they’re intent on attacking the establishments spreading the “false information” regarding the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

Famed journalist Lara Logan shared the video on Gettr [2], commenting that the video was “one of the best things” she’s seen “in a long time.”

“This is one of the best things I have seen in a long time – finally someone pushing back against these false narratives. This demonstrates how serious the situation is – WE WILL NOT BE DRAWN INTO A WIDER WAR BASED ON LIES/DECEPTION. enough is enough.”

The video starts off by making a reference to Operation Mockingbird, which was an old CIA-led program literally meant to recruit journalists to craft fake news stories [3] and promote the preferred government narrative dating back to the 1950s.

“This message is to the CIA-operated Project Mockingbird mainstream media, the corporations of corrupted slaves to serpents. Let us not forget the many newscasters that lied to us, the citizens of humanity were put to death for what you are doing today. On a daily basis, you read aloud your death warrant to us. And you do it, get paid for it, quite generously I might add, without a single hesitation towards right and wrong, lie or truth, safe and effective, or deadly and highly risky.

“We are Anonymous and your newest attack on truth is the 24/7 flood of false information about the goings-on in Ukraine, as you have failed to report the shellings of citizens’ homes, businesses, and entire communities for eight years. The same corrupted government is still doing it and American tax money funds these weapons to these Nazis. You failed to report that President Putin is in the process of stopping sick government.”

The video then goes on to make mention of Joe Biden who is “in a panic, for he will lose billions through his Burisma deal.”

What was rather intriguing was the video calling out the mainstream media for claiming that Anonymous is “against Russia,” referring to how social media accounts bearing the name “Anonymous” that have large followings are generally expressing anti-Russian sentiments.

“You have used multiple accounts that are known to us as being CIA infiltrators, part of Project Mockingbird. Michael Womack is not Anonymous – ‘YourAnonNews’ you have used to perpetuate the idea of Anonymous is against Russia. This is not true. Anonymous is for the people being murdered by the corrupted Ukraine government that President Putin is taking down.”

The mentioning of “Michael Womack” is of particular interest, as, while not widely known, the 49-year-old Womack from Franklin Park, Illinois was doxed back in August of 2018 [4] as being the guy behind “YourAnonNews” (with 7.9 million Twitter followers [5]).

Womack, along with a few others, were outed as just making money off the Anonymous name and not actually having anything to do with the loosely formed hacktivist group.

The video then goes on to claim that AG Merrick Garland’s bank account “has been hacked,” and that newscasters who continue to promulgate false reports “will be next.”

“The attorney general won’t work then he won’t get paid. Merrick Garland, your bank account has been hacked by the Off-Circuit Security teams. Your information pond and access to your funds denied, and the accounts of newscasters will be next. Tell a lie, then you will pay a fine of $5,000 to the charity of our choice. We are Anonymous. We do not take shit from mockingbirds. You should have expected us.”