The internet might know of Alex Stein for being the troll who spends his time pointing out the absurdities of the Democrat’s agenda. But while Stein has blessed the internet with some amazing content, it appears he might have some competition as a new troll has emerged at the Fort Worth Independent School District public hearing. Following the same format as Stein, the man, who goes by the name Marty Epstein, unleashed a three-minute tirade about his life as a writer for the New York Times and his openly gay, transgender six-year-old. 

In the video below, Epstein stated, “My name is Marty Epstein. I’m a former writer for the New York Times and editor at BuzzFeed. I currently teach political science at Southwest High School. Well, also working part time at my local Starbucks for the fact that they are paying for my six-year old, openly gay transgender offspring’s gender transition surgery as well as providing unlimited hormone blockers and access to abortion. But anyways, let me get into the reason I’m here today, then circle back if we have any time left. Our superintendent refuses to really put his foot down with this transphobia and he failed to get transgender restrooms, and I am sickened.”

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Having been given three minutes to talk, Epstein was sure to add, “Every night I cried myself to sleep knowing that I live on stolen Native American land. As a high school teacher, I witness transphobia every single day. We need to teach our students and raise awareness in our schools about this deadly virus. Transphobia is a spectrum and it can go from transphobia to transphobia with many shades and flavors in between, but what degree of transphobic are you?”

Epstein closed out his set mentioning Nazis, Bible thumpers, sky daddies, and the Big Bang. “We have the extreme transphobic, which is Trump supporters, Nazis, KKK, Bible thumpers who believe in a sky daddy when we clearly know that we humans used to be monkeys and came from the Big Bang Theory which is proven science. Let’s not forget straight white males. Those who say that a man will never be a woman, those who refuse to get vaccinated and obey the science.”

As mentioned above, before Epstein, Stein was known for his blistering videos. One of his most recent had him dressing up as a female swimmer and defending his “sister” Lia Thomas from the transphobic hate she has received while wanting to compete himself as a female.  “Why are we having a transphobic world where I just want to compete against the ladies. Why are you saying that? I’m not a biological woman. Clearly, I look like a biological woman. I mean, come on. It’s been hours tucking this thing in. Give me a break. I should be able to swim.”

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