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When Vladimir Putin announced the invasion of Ukraine, he delivered a speech to the Russian people where he referred to America’s global empire as the “Empire of Lies.”

People with blue checkmarks on Twitter flipped out about it, and it’s easy to understand why: Because it’s entirely true. Our ruling elites really have created an empire of lies.

Just think back over the past twenty years. We were pushed into the Iraq War by claims of fighting “Weapons of mass destruction,” and allegations that Saddam Hussein was linked directly with Al Qaeda. The WMDs didn’t exist, and the Al Qaeda ties were a lie. So after we invaded Iraq, they changed the goal of the whole invasion to “spreading democracy.” But we didn’t really do that either. We just spent a decade building up a crappy Iranian puppet state.

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The same people who sold us the Iraq War spent twenty years selling us the War in Afghanstan. We spent trillions of dollars there, once again to “fight terror” and “build democracy.” But we weren’t doing either. We were just dumping money there so that defense contractors, NGOs, and Afghan collaborators could get rich. The entire time, they lied about making progress while the Taliban conquered more and more of the country.

The reason the Taliban made so much progress is that the locals actually preferred them, because our own government was so disgustingly corrupt. Under our “leadership,” the Afghan government became famous for settling scores, demanding bribes, pushing gender ideology, and looking the other way while warlords raped little boys. Turns out, the Afghan people would rather have the Taliban than that.

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But the war went on for twenty years, even though General Milley and other frauds said we were building up the Afghan Army into a real force. Whoops, turns out that was a lie too. Most of the soldiers only existed on paper. A lot of them just signed up for some cash and a free gun and then ran off to become bandits or join the Taliban. So the moment we stepped away, the whole thing collapsed.

But the lies aren’t limited to Iraq or Afghanistan. In 2011 they lied us into Libya, telling us we were overthrowing Gaddafi to bring democracy. Instead, we brought civil war, poverty, and even slavery: Yes, there have been literal slave markets in Libya since our intervention. Oh, and ever since Gaddafi fell millions of migrants have poured into Europe across the Mediterranean.

Of course, the empire of lies doesn’t just lie about wars. For the past two years, it was one lie after another about Covid-19. They’ve lied about how severe it is, about masks, about China, about hospitalizations, about vaccines, and then their lies get exposed, they lie about their old lies.

Our leaders lied about Donald Trump being a “Russian asset.” They lied about having a “pee tape.” When they were caught spying on the Trump campaign, they lied about that. They lied about Burisma and Hunter Biden so they could justify a sham impeachment.

In summer 2020, they lied and presented George Floyd as a saint, and said Derek Chauvin “murdered” him, when in reality Floyd was a violent criminal who died of a fentanyl overdose. They called the riots after his death “mostly peaceful protests.” They told us Jussie Smollett was a victim of a hate crime, and they called Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist and a murderer when he defended himself from three antifa thugs.

Our elites even lie about the basic nature of reality. They tell us that a man can mutilate his generals and put on lipstick, and suddenly he’s a “woman.”

That’s the world we’ve been living in. It really is the “empire of lies.” Without telling more lies every day, it would collapse completely.

So it’s no surprise at all that the war in Ukraine they’re trying to sell the public has required non-stop lying. They’ve lied about the causes of the war. It’s absolutely obvious our leaders triggered this by trying to expand NATO into Ukraine and ignoring twenty years of warnings from Russia that this was unacceptable. Instead, they want you to believe Putin just woke up one day and invaded Ukraine to be evil. It’s a joke.

News outlets have lied about the actual events of the war. They’ve made up ridiculous fables like the “ghost of Kiev.” They’ve turned President Zelenskyy into some kind of superhero while covering up his real behavior, which included banning opposition parties and forcibly taking control of the whole media. They’re accusing Russia of “genocide” when it’s actually obvious that Russia has tried to avoid civilian casualties, and that’s a major reason the war is taking longer than expected.

Lara Logan is a TV and radio journalist and a longtime war correspondent. She worked with CBS News for sixteen years. She covered warfare and rioting in Baghdad, Egypt, and Afghanistan.

In 2020, she got her own show on Fox Nation, but then Fox News ghosted her for justifiably comparing Tony Fauci with Nazi doctor Josef Mengele. Last week, she was invited onto America’s Voice and asked about reports from the Daily Mail that the Russian army was “running out of bullets.” In response, Lara revealed the truth: That the story was completely ridiculous, and that the war in Ukraine has arguably prompted more lies, on a larger scale, than any news event in recent history. It may have caused more lies even than Covid.

On The Stew Peters Show, we live for finding the truth, exposing corruption, and revealing lies, so naturally we’re happy to have Lara Logan and we promise never to ghost her for being too blunt or politically incorrect and saying the truth.

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