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Life Insurance Company COVID Dilemma: One Major Question Is Bound to Come Up – Dr. McCullough [VIDEOS]

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson [1] “had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Peter McCullough again, who joins me today to discuss the most recent news regarding COVID-19 “vaccines,” and Pfizer’s latest documents. Chief of the Division of Nutrition and Preventative Medicine, epidemiologist, and cardiologist, Dr. McCullough has been very outspoken against the usage and promotion of COVID-19 “vaccines” for both adults and children and has instead taken a stance in promoting safe and effective early treatment protocols for patients.”

Two things stood out to me from this interview.

Number one, the insurance companies [2] are inevitably going to be asking “Did They Take the Vaccine?”


What just came up on my social media feed is sadly the death of SarahBeth Hartlage [3], age 36. She was the vaccine czar, the coordinator of vaccination for the state of Kentucky. She goes off to a scientific meeting and then suddenly dies. And I can tell you a cause of sudden death can be myocarditis but also can be blood clots and the blood clots in what’s called fatal pulmonary embolism. So with all the life insurance companies reporting in, dozens of them, with record numbers of actuarial deaths, far more than expected. Almost every life insurance company now reporting in both in North America, the United States, Canada, and in Europe. This question is going to come up, did they take one of the COVID-19 vaccines. We know the rates of death after vaccination are far higher than could be possibly acceptable. – Dr. Peter McCullough

Here are a few comments from around the internet of what people are saying about this clip…

“I wonder if he is on the doctor hit list, like Dr. Ardis [4] and Dr. Zev Zelenko [5]?”

“The elite sure haven’t taken the Bioweapon, they knew beforehand not to. None of these politicians were even required along with their replacements at the border. It’s an act of war and Putin obviously knows who delivered the bioweapons to billions.”

“I told my Dr. I don’t consent to take this Experimental mRNA gene therapy. It doesn’t prevent Covid infection, it doesn’t cure Covid infection and it doesn’t prevent the spread of Covid infection. It is not a vaccine and it has caused a high rate of injuries and death documented in the Vares system at only 1% of the data recorded. He did not argue with me.”

And number two, Pfizer’s data… where are the people in the court of public opinion?

You can see that segment in the link below

“It’s Unacceptable!” – Dr. McCullough Calls on the Court of Public Opinion to Take the Shots Off the Market [6]

You can watch the entire in-depth interview in the video below…

‘Death from Medical Experiment’ – Life Insurance Companies are Starting to Deny COVID Vaccine Claims? [VIDEO] [2]

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