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Mesa County Clerk And Gold Star Mother Jailed, Bond Set At $500K For Trying To Expose Election Fraud [VIDEO]

MESA COUNTY, CO – Tina Peters, the Gold Star mother and election clerk for Mesa County, was indicted on a myriad of felony and misdemeanor charges roughly a week after her releasing a damaging report regarding Dominion voting machines [1].

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Furthermore, this 66-year-old woman who has been accused of all non-violent offenses apparently had her bail set at $500,000 and with the added stipulation of being cash-only [3].

On March 8th, a grand jury indicted Peters on seven felony charges and three misdemeanors [4] that include multiple counts of attempting to influence a public servant, conspiracy to commit criminal impersonation, criminal impersonation, identity theft, official misconduct, violation of duty, and failure to comply with requirements of secretary of state.

Said charges against Peters all stem from her efforts to help expose issues regarding the 2020 election. Peters’ deputy, Belinda Knisley, was also indicted on six counts consisting of similar charges.

In NPR’s reporting of the indictment [5], Peters and Knisley are being accused of unlawfully “helping an unauthorized person make copies of sensitive voting-machine hard drives and attend an annual software update.”

These “voting-machine hard drives” in question are of course ones from Dominion Voting Systems machines.

Prosecutors allege that the pair had lied to fellow staff members in Mesa County, as well as employees within the secretary of state’s office, while also stealing the identity of a man named “Gerald ‘Jerry’ Wood” as a means to facilitate access to the Dominion voting machine hard drives.

The manner in which the indictment described Peters’ and Knisley’s efforts to expose suspected corruption in the 2020 election as being “a deceptive scheme which was designed to influence public servants, breach security protocols, exceed permissible access to voting equipment, and set in motion the eventual distribution of confidential information to unauthorized people.”

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Steve Bannon said on his show “War Room: Battleground” called the legal actions taken against Peters [7] “revolting,” likening the needed support of this Gold Star mother as being part of a “national crusade.”

“It’s revolting. You have no earthly idea what you’re – okay – we’re going to color inside the lines. But Tina Peters is now a national crusade, okay? A national crusade. We have no honor if we are prepared to have a Gold Star mother sit in a cold jail out there in Mesa County…Colorado.”

A legal defense fund [8] has been established for Peters for those interested in helping fight case against this 66-year-old Gold Star mother.

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