Earlier in March, Arizona state Senator Sonny Borrelli detailed the progress being made within the state to help “secure” elections in the future.

During his update regarding the state Senate’s efforts, he revealed that during the 2020 election, nearly three-quarters of a million votes went unaccounted for that were tied to ballot drop boxes.

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Sen. Borrelli stated that during the current session, he and his colleagues have poured over several bills meant to address the concerns revolving around these ballot drop boxes.

“This session, we’ve heard multiple bills that will secure our future elections. One of the issues is the drop boxes. On March 21st, in the Senate Government Committee, we heard testimony on a bill that would put greater security measures on these drop boxes.

“Members were informed of evidence from the 2020 election about the drop boxes that Maricopa, for example, Maricopa County said that they had over 923,000 ballots that were dropped off at the drop boxes. However, documentation can only account for 189,167 ballots – which means that there’s a deficit of 733,000 ballots.”

Sen. Borrelli added that through the revelation of just how unsecure these ballot drop boxes are, the real “Big Lie” is the concept that the 2020 election “was a secure election.”

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In news that is hardly shocking, Sen. Borrelli also shared that all the Democrats who participated in these committees to address closing gaps in the voting process had voted “no” to measures meant to help keep elections safe and secure.

“That’s right, over 733,000 ballots are unaccounted for. So what have we learned? We learned that the ‘Big Lie’ is that this was a secure election. I’m sorry, it was not a safe and secure election. We have so many problems with our process that need to be followed through and laws need to be adhered to and complied with.

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“All of this evidence has been turned over to the Attorney General. Oh, and by the way, every Democrat voted ‘No’ in committee. We’re looking forward to the conclusion of the Attorney General’s investigation.”

Ballot drop boxes have been an issue that has swept the country with respect to election and voting integrity. Red Voice Media reported back in February how Wisconsin’s state supreme court had ruled that such drop boxes could not be used in the April 2022 elections.

The matter began in January when a Waukesha County circuit court judge ruled that both ballot drop boxes and ballot harvesting, citing that current state law prohibits both acts.

Roughly a month after that circuit court ruling, the state supreme court reaffirmed that previous decision in a 4-3 ruling, granting the use of the drop boxes for the February 15th primaries but stated that they were not to be used in the April 5th elections.

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