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Papadopoulos On Trump’s Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton: ‘Panic Is Really Beginning To Settle In’ [VIDEO]

George Papadopoulos, former member of the foreign policy advisory panel to Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, recently appeared on Newsmax to discuss the lawsuit recently filed by Trump against Hillary Clinton and others regarding her assertions that Trump was Russia colluded during the 2016 election.

Red Voice Media [1] previously reported on the lawsuit that was brought against Clinton, her 2016 campaign, campaign aides of hers at the time, former FBI Director James Comey, the Democratic National Committee and a handful of others on March 24th regarding the perpetuated “Russia Hoax.”

Trump’s 108 page lawsuit [2] details a sordid and conspiratorial effort to try to derail Trump’s 2016 efforts to reach the White House, where Clinton and others working in concert continued to push the unfounded Russia collusion narrative – even after Trump secured the White House.

But spreading tabloidesque narratives to the mainstream media wasn’t where things stopped, according to the lawsuit, as revelations unearthed this past February [3] in the Durham probe found that individuals connected to the Clinton campaign were so ardent in trying to malign Trump that they went as far as to spy on him – again, even after he landed in the White House.

During this appearance, Papadopoulos stated that based upon the gravity of the assertions made by Clinton and those in her camp – compounded by revelations unearthed in the Durham probe – that Clinton and others are likely in a state of “panic.”

“I think if you’re Hillary Clinton, the Democratic party, and their allies, and the mainstream media that really helped fabricate probably one of the biggest scandals in modern American history – then panic is really beginning to settle in. I think we have to look at the big picture of what Donald Trump is really trying to showcase to the world here. It’s not only that he was illegally targeted, but that there never was an effort to investigate President Trump and his campaign.

“This effort was to plant dirty evidence against President Trump and his team in order to fabricate a scenario…that let the American people believe…that the candidate and then the president was some sort of Russian stooge that deserved to not only be impeached but likely indicted for some sort of fake crime regarding Russia.”

Papadopoulos remarked on how steadfast the mainstream media was to willingly carry the water of these unfounded claims coming from the Clinton camp, saying that Trump has finally decided to stop playing defense and started slinging the proverbial mud back at the egregious agitators who’ve spent years trying to tarnish him.

“And if you remember, that was what the mainstream media was really trying to push for so many years. So of course, Donald Trump decided that enough of going on defense, it’s time to go on offense. We have a massive criminal investigation ongoing simultaneously by John Durham which has already resulted in various indictments and convictions.”