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Pfizer Docs Reveal Fraud, Racketeering, RICO & More – Could Face Serious Legal Repercussions [VIDEOS]

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer made billions of dollars worth of profits from their supposed miracle drug. While the jab did little to stop the spread of the virus or one contracting it, the Biden administration, Democrats, and even famed Dr. Anthony Fauci promoted it to the general public. As for Pfizer, while their drug hasn’t stopped COVID-19, it has been investigated for numerous side effects. And although Pfizer might have been immune to lawsuits, according to Dr. Naomi Wolf, the company’s own documents could be their undoing. 

In the video below, Dr. Wolf spoke on Steve Bannon’s “The War Room” when she detailed how lawyers are working hard to comb through all the Pfizer documents. She added, “If fraud can be proven against Pfizer, it breaks up their impunity or their immunity from prosecution, civilly and possibly criminally.” Take a look. 

Diving deeper into the process being taken by the lawyers, the doctor noted, “Every day, new facts surface, so I just want people to be patient and understand that there are two tracks. In two weeks, I will present a summary, interim report, and press release about the findings for the media, for followers, for the community that have come up. However, that is not the same track, which the lawyers reminded me last night is a longer track of the attorneys – these 250 attorneys – deliberating and creating subcommittees and making decisions themselves, and asking for follow-up documents from the volunteers. That’s going to be a longer process, and it’s also a confidential process.” 

Pfizer Document Dump: ‘Every Day, New Facts Surface’ As Revelations Continue – Dr. Naomi Wolf [VIDEO] [1]

Just a few days ago, Edward Dowd, who was once a portfolio manager at Blackrock, discussed the Pfizer agenda and how data and facts are destroying it. He told Robert F. Kennedy Jr., “The rate of change [in all-cause mortality] is the smoking gun. The rate of change and the acceleration into mandates and boosters. Basically, in my mind, it’s case closed.” 

CDC Data Breakdown, Consequences Coming? ‘You Can’t Hide This Anymore’ – Ed Dowd & Robert Kennedy Jr [VIDEO] [2]

That wouldn’t be the only time Dowd spoke out against the COVID-19 narrative, as he explained to WND that the CDC data shows the jab was one of the main causes of deaths among the millennial generation. Yet, it is still being pushed, glorified, and promoted even today. 

Wall Street Exposes COVID Vaccines As The ‘Greatest Fraud in History’ – Edward Dowd & Arthur Moore [VIDEO] [3]