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Pfizer’s in Panic Mode, As Athletes are Dropping, They Warn Their Investors of a Stock Price Collapse [VIDEOS]

Del Bigtree of The Highwire and Informed Consent Action Network sat down with Steve Deace of Blaze TV for an interview on Tuesday, and he dropped some truth bombs.

Here’s just one of those truth bombs that stood out to me… sending out an emergency statement to stockholders as their own data and documents come to light 75 years ahead of the darkness they wanted to keep them in.

Translation: They knew what was in their data and documents. They tried to hide it. People are being injured and even dying because they put profits ahead of the health and safety of the subjects of their medical experiments.


Del Bigtree: I don’t want to, you know, speculate too much. But we’ve been seeing these athletes get injured, right? I’m hearing that Rafael Nadal may have had chest pains in a recent match in Indian Wells. So we’re looking into that. I mean, these athletes, we have bicyclists that are having heart attacks after they crossed the finish line. And soccer players falling face-first in the middle of games. We have never, I mean, this is my point. I can’t.

I’m not even saying that all of those cases of all these athletes are being injured while playing that they’re all attributed to the vaccine. But I am asking this, when do we ever remember seeing players collapse. Professional athletes at the top of their health in the top of their game, collapsing, grabbing their chests on the fields, and being carted off, no injury other than what’s happening inside of their body? I can’t remember ever really seeing that, maybe once or twice. And we’re talking hundreds of these cases now around the world. So all of these things are what we’re looking at. And so yes, that list is massive of the amount of side effects that they were worried about.

And remember, I think the important thing to point out is while they thought they were going to have 75 years to release this data, they were telling us the vaccine was safe, that it was great. Everybody should get it. The moment we won that lawsuit and Aaron Siri that the lawyer who’s just brilliant that won the lawsuit, the moment we won, and then they appealed it, of course, and we won that too. Right after that, literally, days later, Pfizer sent out in a sort of an emergency statement to all the stockholders saying we need to have a meeting to discuss that we think we’re going to see some earnings drops based on some things that are going to come out about some dangers, potential side effects of the vaccine.

So all of a sudden, it became a legal requirement for them, because they think you know what, once this information comes out, the stock is going to take a dive if we don’t warn our stockholders, we could be you know, that’s a violation, I think an SEC violation. So all of this is changing the world as we know it. And so really, really fascinating stuff right now.

Steve Deace: To that point, I think their stock has gone down what like 15% or something of market value so far this year, I think I saw and, you know, you and I are old enough to remember when Hank gathers collapsed. You remember him the All American basketball player for Loyola Marymount, and what a huge story that was, and now we’re seeing so many of these constantly that they don’t even get covered because it’s just not even news anymore to see a collapse, even a lethal collapse of an athlete, a major pro athlete around the world.

It’s hard (impossible for me) to feel bad for Pfizer after what they have done.

Based on the comments I’ve seen online, I’m not alone.

Here are just a few of them…

“Boo Hoo. Fuck Pfizer, and I hope all the investors lose everything.”

“They mean their con game is just about over. Time for everyone to cash out.”

“I normally wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but I can’t help wishing that all Pfizer investors lose their financial a**es!”

“They WILL lose everything… sooner or later. “It is appointed man once to DIE and then the judgment!” Hebrews 9:27″

“Short Pfizer stock.”

“Pfizer has dodged the fraud bullet on two previous occasions. Hopefully, third time’s a charm.”

You can watch the entire Del Bigtree segment in the video below. It starts around the 29-minute mark.