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Reports: Ukrainians Shooting Russian POWs? – Russian Army Aiding Ukrainian Residents? Propaganda? [VIDEOS]

Since Russian troops invaded Ukraine, the Biden administration has supported Ukrainians supposedly fighting for their freedom to the point that the United States is one of the largest donors of “humanitarian, democracy, and human rights assistance” for Ukraine. That is according to the White House [1] after they discussed another $1 billion of new funding for those devastated by the conflict.

With money apparently being no option, Joe Biden gave what some are calling a fiery speech [2] in Poland recently where he deemed President Vladimir Putin to be a “butcher,” adding, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.” But while Putin is being painted as a monster of unspeakable atrocities, new footage and reports allegedly show Ukrainians committing heinous war crimes against POWs.

In the disturbing video, which can be watched below and is GRAPHIC, Ukrainian soldiers are reportedly shown shooting Russian POWs in the kneecaps at close range. The acts of violence go even further when the POWs are repeatedly beaten by the Ukrainian military. With the video having gone viral since being uploaded last night, some are calling for the International Criminal Court to launch an investigation into the matter. It should be noted that the Ukraine government has welcomed the International Criminal Court.  

Along with Russians allegedly being tortured and beaten, Alejandro Kirk reported that Russians were giving humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians affected by the war. Speaking with American Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett, who is also in Ukraine, Kirk asked, “is this issue really covered? By the way they went mainstream media in the West?”

Take a look. 

Completely shredding the narrative around the war, Bartlett admitted, “Absolutely not. And it might seem strange, but I’ve been taking photos of the actual aid packages, what goes into the boxes or the bags, because I know the predictable Western response will be well, they’re empty or something like that. But they contain a variety of proteins, vegetables, chocolate, even water, obviously.

“And you know, what’s not going to be reported on in Western media or, or they will say, this is just a stage, you know, that these are just actors, or this is just happening in one region, we’ve seen a few regions already. And we’ve only been here for a couple of days.”

Although some might believe this is just another helping of Russian propaganda, Bartlett also noted, “If you think about it, logically, Russia would want the public to not only see them as liberators but see them as people who are actually helping the situation now. So why would they stage one or two areas, just for cameras, when Western cameras aren’t here in the first place? You know, it’s not logical. On the other hand, what is logical is by distributing this aid, then if the, if any of the civilians perhaps didn’t have any confidence before, they will, they will definitely grow competence in the forces that have liberated the area.”