As time goes on, more and more evidence and accusations against Anthony Fauci are coming out.

This time it’s Robert F. Kennedy Jr. saying that Fauci was involved in helping to cover up evidence and hiding all traces of a ‘bug’ being created in a lab.

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“Tony Fauci instills a what I’m doing is for medical purposes, we’re developing these things, and then we’re going to develop a defense against them. He funded one study that put a lie to all of that. He funded Ralph Baric to develop a technique called seamless legation. And that is a technique for hiding the engineering project. So you could normally when you do that kind of engineering, you can see it, and you can say that bug was created in a lab. He developed a way of hiding all traces that it was developed. And he taught that to the Chinese scientists. And that, you know, there is no public health. It is the opposite of what you would do if you are interested in public health. It’s the opposite. If you’re interested in public health, you would make sure that any kind of tampering you did like that, add red flags all over it that says we made this thing. To teach people how to hide that it only has a nefarious purpose.” – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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The public’s trust in these so-called experts has been destroyed.

The people are sick of it and here are just a few comments from them from around the internet…

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“You’re telling me they taught the Chinese how to hide their fucking evidence.”

“The R E A L L Y hideous part is that there doesn’t seem to be anything the People can do about this, except work cheap, pay taxes, and die upon the whims of the NEW WORLD ORDER.
It’s coming, folks, because most of the Globalists’ structure is in place and operating right now. Examples: Have you had your booster today? Do you possess a vaxxport? How much money do you have in your bank accounts?…over $600? Why did you withdraw or deposit $10k? Why did you post those comments on Facebook? Get the drift?”

“Pure satanic EVIL!!! GOD created, and somehow, these Demons seem to think as Lucifer did long ago…that “they” can mess with God’s Creation!!! and be god(s)!?! oh my…lake of fires gonna be HOT for many…”

“Apparently, the military and law enforcement loves Fauci. Even the Supreme Court.”

“Why in the hell are these people not in prison yet.”

“Fauci needs to be arrested and put on trial for genocide.”

More clips and the full interview can be seen in the link below.

Robert Kennedy Jr. Carpet Bombs Red Pills On Megyn Kelly Show, Fauci, Vaccines & Big Pharma’s Power [VIDEOS]

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