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Robert Kennedy Jr. Carpet Bombs Red Pills On Megyn Kelly Show, Fauci, Vaccines & Big Pharma’s Power [VIDEOS]

The constant debate over the COVID-19 jab created by Pfizer and promoted by the Biden administration (who tried to force it on America’s workforce) might seem relatively new given the pandemic started two years ago. But according to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the entire discussion around supposed miracle jabs, vaccines, the National Institute of Health, and the famed Dr. Anthony Fauci started years and even decades before the first COVID-19 case was ever announced. 

Appearing on The Megyn Kelly Show, RFK Jr. hit on numerous topics pertaining to the health and well-being of the general public. The best-selling author noted that even the flu shot has some discrepancies to the actual benefits of getting it. In the video below, RFK Jr. declared that there was no science or data showing that the flu shots adverts more problems than it causes. 

Going beyond just the flu shot, Kelly questioned RFK Jr. about the numerous health organizations, experts, and hospitals that claim there is no connection between the vaccines given to a child and autism. Kelly even listed off reputable agencies that stand by this claim. Not moved in the slightest, RFK Jr. detailed that when it came to the vaccines given to a child in the first six months, both the National Academy of Science and Institute of Medicine admitted they never studied a single one.

Take a look.

What is even more interesting about agencies like NIH, the FDA, and CDC is that RFK Jr. explained how these organizations don’t focus on public health but on “pharmaceutical profit promotion.” That included working along big pharma to help get children addicted to opioids. RFK Jr. added, “This is the same FDA and the same companies that are now killing 56,000 kids a year with opioids, [which is] more kids every year than were killed in the 20-year Vietnam War.” 

Big Pharma Serial Felons Killing Kids & Fauci Led America To Chronic Disease – Robert Kennedy Jr. [VIDEOS] [1]

But it isn’t just the FDA or NIH, as the World Health Organization and Microsoft founder Bill Gates have been caught performing unethical sterilization to African women without their knowledge or consent. As mentioned above, the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t the first time companies and government agencies have been caught overstepping their boundaries. It should be noted that over one million Kenyan women were sterilized as they believed they were being administered a tetanus shot. 

Among all of the malpractice, government overreach, and unethical experiments, one question looms: Why? And that is exactly what Kelly asked. RFK Jr. said that under the current federal regulations, any person who worked on a vaccine or drug is entitled to what is called “patent margin rights” that grants them $150,000 a year in royalties. Add that with the number of drugs available, it is nothing short of a new gold rush. 

Discussing COVID-19, Dr. Facui, and Big Pharma, the full interview with Kelly and RFK Jr. can be watched below.